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To the Cardinals in the Conclave,

God sends God's messages in ways that are sometimes beyond human understanding. Signs have been sent, with the bread of life, wheat, within Wiltshire. Signs which I have understood, as some have been sent as a message of strength provision, God speaking to a woman in a way that cannot be denied, and cannot be avoided, a large vase of flowers for the whole world to see, powers that man cannot own, cannot claim, cannot conquer or even start to understand.

String theory proves God is The Word, sonics create objects, wheat creating the greatest sonic, the bread of life.

Evolution is God's path of creation, the mathematical equation of perfection, from cell through man to woman to ultimata light.

God is in everything, God is everything, equally in soul form from one to another. The energy force field of God is positive, as is the sign of the cross, as in the sign for the symbol for church - with a circle attached for a church with a spire, the same sign to denote woman, on the map, on the map of life.

God has sent Aids to assist in Man's understanding of God's respect for woman. The only option to desist the disease is for Man to respect Woman's domain, also the realm of God. God has resided within woman as man. The two are the same in God's eyes, as God is Creator, Spirit and Being simultaneously. God is in Everything, God is Everything, Equally.

God has called many women to the Liturgy, To the Sacraments, to say for the sick, to pray and to bless. God is preparing some for the Motherhood of the Mother Church. Man must not stand in the way of God's call for others, as a refreshing stream cannot be halted as it careers down a mountainside - the mouth of God.

Little Lady Chapels should be created as the first step along the way. Crosses outside ordinary doors, marking God's territory across the Globe, in little spartan clean houses - indicating where our worth and value rests. Far beyond man's divisive apartheid. Being without woman is sine amore. God is love. God embraces all.

Our lives rest in God's hands.

Into the light I commend my spirit.

15:47:57 17/04/05

Man is out of favour with God, the Tsunami was designed to affect a Male chauvinist Muslim country, you know as mature Christians God sends disasters and delights. The duty God gave to Adam to look after all God's creatures, Man is failing at. It is not possible to survive in a World where all God's creatures have died out as Man greedily procreates, extinguishing their lives into extinction. This is why God is removing Man from the helm. Man must accede to God's will.

In the West we work too hard, Christians often have to work on Sundays, not being given the free right or guarantee to go to Church on Sundays. Many Churches have been converted to other uses which is Crucifying to see. In the Developing World we often see huge families, which we cannot afford to have ourselves, demanding funds to support them from those who keep things going in the West via credit cards - debt on these is higher than that of countries. Often the motivation to go to Church in the Developing World is to gain something for themselves. The West needs help in Human Rights terms to have time to worship God. The Developing countries need to understand that the wealth is only gained via work, cold countries have worked for many centuries just to keep warm, and our people were effectively sold too. The Prosperity has been built on Voluntary sacrifice, it is An Attitude, something I've yet to see or hear from people coming from or in Poor countries, they don't team up with one another to solve a problem. Spiritual Poverty and Real Poverty go Hand In Hand. The West Works at earthly self-satisfaction to pay expensive housing costs, the Developing world needs to do work beyond that of satisfying their own (families children) they don't have mortgages and hold a lot of land, they have the wealth of time. In the West in the past we were forced to maintain roads by the state for nothing, we got fined if this was not done, now we pay taxes for the same, it works, in the Developing countries they blame the West for not filling in the puddles on their roads, when the work level required is very little, this is their responsibility, it is not fair to enslave another psychologically, especially when looking at it they act like the unemployed in the West, plants grow themselves, it is possible to do other work while this occurs. The Poor widow gave her last penny, she didn't accuse others of not being Christians for not giving to her. Money isn't the solution, poverty goes deeper than that.

There wouldn't be any of the serious sexual incidents which occur worldwide, perpetrated by male priests, if there were more balance here. The trouble with having male figures at the altar is that people worship man not God really. I have seen no male priests tearing down pornography of newsagent shelves, or decrying it in the press. Women would not get raped or have to enter the sex trade if there were opportunities in positions of authority and respect. Closing down the door that women knock on to lead good and upright lives is committing grievous sin, you will be punished not them.

Women give blood for life every month but it is Men who abandon women who take it away.

Aids was sent to set women free, and to give room for God's other creatures and plants, if God wants that who are you to argue?