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Dear Mr Ashdown,

I have ideas. Political ideas. Whilst I do not expect to do them all at once, I would like to be involved in some capacity. It is quite frustrating to have ideas and not be able to see them come true. Or to write to people in power to hear them proclaim them as their own. Or so you can gain credit where credit is due set up a web site only to find the same happens, and just because they are bigger than you, and you can't get on a search engine hierarchical index because you're not big enough, so no one knows. I can show you the correspondence for the written communication and you can see if you can assess/guess the web one from the site I had to set up. I do have more ideas than these but I feel I am Frozen until I am allowed to do something, to make sure they're done right.

I would prefer to be conventional.

Really rather than being taken for a ride by other parties who clearly haven't any ideas of their own, I would like to join a party that respects what I would like to do and equally assists me. I really don't mind what I do as I start off. It is just a great strain doing a standard job because you can't afford not to financially whilst your Heart wants to Open up to where your concerns and thoughts really are. I am serious. My web site's at Please tell me what you think. I would like to discuss my ideas with someone. someone who won't just steal them, leave me poor whilst they shine in glory. It hurts when that happens and you feel like a victim of crime. Rather than what could be the case if they co-operated with you a feeling of great positivity and hope for the future.

I am not a revolutionary, I am just finding a way for people to be able to adapt to the technological revolution which is already taking place. I wish to enable people to control their lives in a new way to adapt to this which is beyond our control and really rather inevitable. I feel people will need to reorder their lives and priorities to suit this new and better world. We could live in such a happy land and yes happiness in this world can be real. We cannot do anything good alone.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Kingston.

Dear Ms Kingston,

Thank you for your recent email, your words of support and your desire to become involved with the Liberal Democrats.

It is always very exciting to see people respond in a positive and constructive way to the policies that we are pursuing and the stand we are making both in Parliament and across the country throughout Local Government.

On a more practical note, there are always opportunities for you to become involved with the Party by volunteering locally or even in Westminster. Please feel free to send a copy of your CV to me at the House of Commons and i can pass it to the Whips - who will keep it on file.

I have also taken the liberty of passing your email on to membership services so that they are aware of your interest.

Thank you once again for writing.

Yours sincerely,

Rt Hon Paddy Ashdown MP

Sent C.V. to Westminster Personnel - said to respond to advertisements

And via e-mail (saying that my C.V. was on my web-site) - no reply


Dear fellow Democrats ,

The recent ideas which the government has been putting forward, which were not in the manifesto, were not theirs, they were from me. They clearly have not given me credit where credit is due and I am now seriously In The Red , like this country will soon likewise be if I am not able to air my ideas on what should be swiftly done about it. Now , however , due to my desperate financial circumstances I have to concern myself with how I am to survive.

I have a small poster at home and it states "Give to the World the Best you have and the Best will come back to you" I have given to the World the Best I have and the Worst came back to me. My life has just got Worse since I gave to the World the Best I have.

I need all of this to be known, I am so poor now I don't care about losing my right to privacy as long as I have a right to a roof over my head, food to eat etc. , and a decent days pay for a decent days work. If I was a lawyer milking off others misfortunes like a gravedigger off the dead I would be very rich now, but since I am a giver to the living I am now very poor. This is immoral and for Members who swear on the Bible , On God's Word , to behave in such a way , according to the law in the Bible , is illegal .

I would dearly desire you to ask questions in the House about this. This is needed to ensure that this is known. I have contacted both Reuters and P.A. News but as I am not establishment in any way, they have not taken me seriously up on this, although since my reporting of this to the press The Mirror has said it would be more critical of the government, although stating their intentions were not to back the conservatives. They have been clearly announcing their web site address on the front page of their paper and have a web cam site at the dome so I have included them on my Web T.V. links replacing the P.A. News link.

Due to the stress this is causing I am not currently able to hold a job securely ( I am not married and I have no other support ) and I have had to go into the Job Centre to sign on, a nightmare scenario since that was where I worked before the government stole my ideas and also via my distress my job. I have an appointment there Monday morning so if you would like to encourage the press etc. that would be a good deal for me and enable the country to see the truth of how low this government has stooped, to steal from someone until they have nothing left.

If you wish to share this with anyone at all please feel free. Forward this e-mail or print it out for other parties to see. I am a true democrat in this country, and as a result I love diversity of views left, right and centre, as long as they are speaking the truth, as long as they are speaking words from their own mind, And as long as they give credit where credit is due, and do not leave the poor empty handed. Especially when the little poor people have done work for them.

I wrote to Cherie Booth QC on 1st June 1998 to give them another chance but today I thought I have been waiting since 21st September 1997 for a positive response, and still one has not yet come, I think they have had long enough. If you would like me to forward the content of that on to you, I can. Also I thought I have no money and they simply do not seem to care about that, they seem to view me as some sort of serious threat to them which is silly. I am only 29, 28 when I wrote to John Prescott on 21st September, I am hardly and highly unlikely to be capable or able yet to be a threat to them, I am too young and inexperienced. My ideas are my best weapon, they are currency. With help I can utilize what I am best at. I simply cannot afford to do this alone. I hope to grow in strength , in time.

Please also forward this to members whose e-mail addresses are not on the list on your web site.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston.


14/7/98 Rt Hon William Hague M.P. Leader of the Opposition

I believe the government is stealing ideas from both the correspondence I have sent to them and via a web site I have set up at I set this up in order to gain credit where credit is due. I have scanned the correspondence up on to the site. The In Agency idea matches the NESTA idea, and if you view correspondence you will see what dodgy stuff the Labour party has been up to to obtain this. Where did the fax end up? for e.g. And if you look at Web T.V. you will see where they got Pensioners to get free T.V. via the lottery idea came from. I have tried to get into the press via P.A. and Reuters but either because I am an unknown or for some other reason this has not been effective to produce a result. So basically I very desperately need your help. I have written to the P.M. to state that I will not be putting any more ideas up onto my site because of this. I do have a very good solution for reform of The Lords for e.g. but I am now left unable to share this or to use my talents until it is safe to do so. As an innovator/inventor I will find it practically impossible to trust NESTA with my ideas as I believe it to be sourced from me and I haven't received anything yet. I'm sure that makes absolute sense to you. I am trying to become a member of the Conservative Party but I am now short of funds. Perhaps this is the stealing age not the giving age. I find all of this rather terrifying. They also seem to have an obsession with 3 year periods, perhaps they got that from my Swift Style membership page in desperation I thought that if I offered membership for 3 pounds for 3 years that would obtain some funds. I'm sure you would agree that it is a frightening prospect to have the country effectively run by a 29 year olds ideas , when experienced old men can come up with none of their own, and that 29 year old is living in poverty relative to their living in wealth off her work. It is the inverse of all good Christian teaching. Please, I plead you to ask the Right Honorable Gentleman on my behalf as I believe a great injustice has been done.

Yours sincerely ,

Clare E A Kingston.


4/8/98 Fellow Democrats 2 From Clare E A Kingston

I didn't get a single reply from the previous e-mail I sent. Perhaps you only respond positively to positive correspondence. I do have a lot of positivity to offer. For example I have worked out a really radical but also evolutionary solution to reform in the Lords. You may be interested to hear about this, it is not on my site yet as I have written to the Prime Minister to say that there are no new free ideas to be gained from my site from now on. I intend to get credit for my ideas. I do not mind others getting credit for the work involved in making my dreams come true, as long as they say that the idea was mine originally. The Labour Party as they are in government have all the resources to hand to just simply pay me to sort of silence me (from continuing to tell others these ideas were originally mine), which would as I then would have attained a just reward for my work, which is a fair deal, I'd say.

I have been a little overstretched recently, looking at it now I needed to rest. I hadn't had a real holiday for at least nine months and leading several lives up in the air all at once is a strain to anyone. For example I believe Madonnas "Ray of Light" album to be inspired by my site. Tanita Tikaram has a new album The Cappucino Songs which is all about me, personally directed to me, like most of her songs, an unusual experience for anyone. I think she is worried about my doing all of this political stuff "on my own" "This isn't the party I would hold, Now I'm trying to make it on my own" Back In Your Arms. You can get it on the internet. I also picked up a magazine called Frank this month which I believe draws inspiration from the Ethos section Indecision poem. That's nice but quite unnerving. It puts the pressure on. That's not easy when there is no one bigger than you to lean on. The pop stars look to me. I need someone to look to too on this earth. I have God, I know. I have seen God too, but this does not mean I do not need interaction with my fellow man. As I have all these things I would not need absolute power and authority over your party or the country ever. I am a dreamer. I am like Joseph. This is the way I want to be. Joseph was second in command to the Pharoah. I want to be second to someone. I will put what I said in black and white to you. On the archeological site I said I wished to be seen as a sort of cyberspace Prime Minister of Ideas. First "sort of" not really. Second "of Ideas" not of Events. What I was saying here is that I see the Prime Minister in command of Events the hardwork, the day to day real power. I saw myself as the one responsible for coming up with ideas. Making myself absolutely clear, I do not want to take charge of or be in charge of the party or the country. I want to be loyally second to someone, as I have a talent for ideas, which is unique, I would be wasted in command when I can keep a vision alive. And anyway, as you can see I already have influence so I do not need a powerful position to make what I want to come true happen. I just need unity with someone with a talent for command and I promise never to usurp them.

I suppose you could call the In Agency Idea a "promo" as it were. What I need now is a "gig" to show my face to the world, as nobody knows what I look like etc. So this would be a first physical appearance. To put this in black and white I would like to promote my ideas for the first time ever heard live at your party conference. This will, I think give me the platform I need to get credit where credit is due, and show the big boys that I have big people looking after me, "I'm with them" type of thing. This I think would make my friends and make me happy.

yours sincerely,

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston.