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The following is the next phase which I am currently flowing through and all the details of this phase will stay on this page until this phase winds up and I find myself situated somewhere different.

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This all happens in a short space of time.


I have received a number of standard letters after giving a non-standard amount out. This I have found insulting. I know a standard letter when I see one as I worked for a short while for Great Western Trains, which I feel are a great insult to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, like the rest of the transport system. Brunel was trying to move on to something far superior An "Atmospheric Railway" which would have worked if plastic had have been invented at the time.

Some Standard letters include application forms and Payment details for membership to various parties, standard parties which we all know and love. If they had me more people would want to join so they would get more money anyway. They are expecting more from me than is reasonable. This is disrespecting and therefore insulting.

I still maintain an open mind to both their reform and to the reality of the only reward that is worth having, heaven. As a soul that is good you can fly around the ether and the earth and in that way the meek shall inherit the earth. This has come to pass and will continue to do so. This is The Pearl. This is The Prize, worth having. I can then see the fruits of my work throughout time, this is why honesty is so important, both God and the Souls can see your Heart, you cannot hide it from any of them, and in that way a record is kept, the final score is what matters most and all in all in the judgement in the eyes of our God.



Tuesday, March 23, 1999

The Chairman,

Sir Christopher Bland,

BBC Broadcasting House,

Portland Place,



Dear Sir Christopher Bland,

I am interested in the position of Director-General. The following information serves as my application.

Visionary Leadership :

Includes Influencing Cabinet Decisions and government policy. I am an influence to such an extent that I feel I am perpetually listened to. The part in the Chancellors Budget speech referring to access to Information Technology was word for word, uncannily similar to what I had been preparing out loud for an audio to David Blunkett. This idea I have is also applicable for usage via the organisation of the BBC.

A country is a large complex organisation and I have been influencing even before I started advertising my presence on the web.

Frank, the magazine.

Content in "1999 The MEDIA GUIDE" and In Influence In Papers

Madonna's Ray of Light Album

Tanita Tikaram's work since I was 17 years old and she was only 16. I suggested to her to become classical to wear black and white, which she did, which helped female emancipation and stepped a step towards Girl Power. I still influence her work. I have influenced the Record Industry and done well for it and the country et cetera.

Many shop windows over Christmas, In Between, and Now.

And many advertising campaigns on T.V. et c.

And this may mean business is on my side and respects what I want to do. I have been skilful in staying anonymous with all this influence, you can't get more in control than that. I am famous but yet I can still walk the streets freely to find out what people really, really want, What really matters to them.

The BBC itself,

Decisive Moments

Question Time

Web T.V. changed the Digital Promo.

I have noticed presentational formats of programmes on all channels influenced by my style, design and words.

I am committed to the little people. I am committed to quality. To the truth. The presenters like what I am offering. I have been positively referred to on Have I Got News For You as a first example. They will like what I have to offer. A window of the full scene is on Web T.V. on site. There is a much wider perspective to follow on.

Web T.V. is designed to give the viewers control over what they see.

It means that the emphasis must be placed on quality.

Some old items can be seen virtually for free.

Programme maker teams get their wages or salary via a royalty.

This is far easier to police than the licence fee.

I am going to through time and through new technology,

which I understand, to bring in this system eventually,

and I do have other equipment systems that can be even more easily

brought in, so as to enhance the viewing figures of Digital T.V. ,

which can be introduced quite quickly.

The Further Future can then also be invested in for example research into Holo T.V.


I have loads of new programme proposals and ideas which I can share with the "Semi-Autonomous Teams" I intend to set up.

I am prepared to involve myself as nearly and as deeply as I feel is required and as requested.

I can explain the organisational changes I intend to bring about to the BBC, to ensure, its survival,

it is the Best Broadcaster Currently available to all, for all time.

It is inexpensive to access yet has the ability to substantially invest in its programming,

to ensure,

it is always of the highest standard.

I want to make the BBC more international in its aspects on life. I know how to improve the educational standard in its programmes, as I said, I have lots of ideas. I am prepared to team up with anyone who wants my vision to come alive, if that is what the BBC democratically decides for me to do. I would love to do all that I can. I think people are entitled to good sounds and visions in their own homes.

I may well put many of my proposals for the BBC on my site at BBC.htm so those seeking a visionary to team up with, can find one. And the BBC staff can see and hear and consequently pass on their views both to you and to myself. I can put an e-mail link to you on this page. Other personal and business interest information is available on site.

My vision includes

Introducing Multi-Faith Broadcasting on a regular basis. I believe in One God and Really mean it. A Call To Prayer will be broadcast on Friday evenings and Sabbath Psalms on Saturdays.

I am not too young or too inexperienced, I am clean, I do not have "friends" to "complicate" things. I do not have a network of contacts to support or expect me to support them. Newness is good, it's fresh. I have the future. I know the way forward. History is history. Today is what is to come. The new King of Jordan is just slightly older than me. His experience was slightly detached, and this brings the best for his country. William Hague is also in his thirties and he does do well. There are posts or jobs where a slightly detached new path really brings what that position needs.

Please feel free to communicate with me in any way you choose.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston


Sunday, March 14, 1999

Lord Puttnam of Queensgate

House of Lords



Dear David Puttnam,

I would love to work with you in whatever capacity you think suitable. I have a strong vision for things etc. I have read through the consultation document for NESTA thoroughly this weekend and I am rather impressed. I thought I would communicate my first thoughts via you as I wish to be sought for nomination to obtain a mentor in the fellowship programme. I need advice and assistance at least as equally as I do funding. I also feel as I inspired the coming together and the inspiration via the In Agency it would only be fair. I was after all communicating via that my own personal needs, and the equal needs of others, in order to start up. I would like to use NESTA for my new Transport System idea, it will involve many patents etc. We have little left in these fields that is truly owned by the people of this land. I am quite prepared to share my royalties with NESTA and The Treasury, including both parties on my patent applications, this will ensure long term income and serious protection for something as big as this. Creating a new transport system creates as many jobs as can be imagined, like any major industry. Many of these will be manual, some small parts could be made in crofting and rural communities. There isn't any room for more cars, but the vehicle advertising demonstrates that they like what they see from me. This would be a more stable rescue package for car manufacturers. They would pay us rather than us pay them to stay. Some more may come with their presses. This suits all three Prioritisation criteria in 3.5 . I think these are sound initially due to demand. I think that NESTA should support First Inventions First from Non-Graduates, those who do not have the access to jobs or facilities to exploit their talent, or earn sufficient sums in work to pay for time, advice and patenting. I think initially only those who are prepared to be well mentored / supervised should be chosen, as this implies commitment. Also serious consideration should be given to those who allow NESTA to negotiate better royalties for NESTA as this will help others quicker, the person is in it for the advice and assistance and foot in the door rather than just the money. Although it is absolutely necessary to fund time prior to success as this is a very true barrier for most people.

I am glad to see that you will be in reality consulting on an ongoing basis as I have more ideas to give which will, without creating undue cost, give more opportunities for more people to live their lives creatively. Currently, I need help, I think on obtaining the help I need to get transport off the ground and actually moving forward, It will be a fair exchange to share these ideas freely with you.

Please see my web-site for further details at http://www.orionparty.org

You may additionally wish to team up with me for the Director-General position. I have loads of ideas and understand the technology bit and you have the experience. I have heard you are interested, and from my web-site it is obvious I am. My vision extends well beyond what is on-site. I was thinking of a man and woman team with you in the primary position and I as deputy. These days it is useful to have a techno-anorak type at the top because that is how we will all survive in the future. Please get in touch with me via e-mail / phone / letter by Friday this week if you are interested in this approach. We can meet to discuss details, make this application together at this time, or decide on our approaches to the Chairman.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston


A positive personal reply , the private address is blocked off for privacy reasons :


Sunday, March 7, 1999

Dear James Dyson,

I am currently working for your company, which is inspirational for me. Please look at my website to see why. I have looked at your web-site which I think is brilliant.

You have probably seen the NESTA consultation document. If you look at it, in particular, the coloured writing and at the same time open up The In Agency page on my site, taking particular notice of the link colouring, you may well (will) find a similarity. Obviously the content is interesting. I have written to Chris Smith recently (letter on Sirius Highlights) which you may like to read. If you can contact any of these people directly so that I can help others I will truly be grateful, I do want a more positive life for all. I read your book yesterday, which makes me feel I think like you and further makes me think that I have it right with my In Agency idea.

I also saw The Sunday Times article last week and what Jacob was coming up with on the environmental front sounds excellent. I would love to work with him to produce virtually bill free electricity. I like his character, so I'd feel comfortable working with him.

I'm glad I came to your company because I was and still am thinking along the lines of creating the Atmospheric Railway Brunel wanted to supersede the system in place, which is still current. My parents kept a boat at Saltash for a time so I had a good look around. This is part of my transport idea, it is integrated, but different methods of motion are more or less appropriate according to situation. One part, I conceived was, to assist antigravity, to encourage flight in effect, suck and blow tunnels, for national very high speed routes, obviously this is not in isolation, as the energy required would be phenomenal, the main power source being electronic/electrical. 100% Suction, 100% of the time is the only appropriate kind of suction I would perceive acceptable. We could via correct positioning create a mega cyclone from an array of cyclones to ride along ===>===>===>

Whilst looking at your web-site I had an inspirational thought. I have heard of a dress Kylie site where you chose clothes from a virtual wardrobe and then saw a picture of her in them. The idea I came up with is exactly what the future wants. In the future you will be able to order exact fit personal design clothes, which will be made to measure on a digital model of you, just like Saville Row of the olde days only a lot more exciting. They will only be made on request. It is called "desyn your own dyson" You have a virtually unlimited range of soleplates , cones , wheels etc. where you click to choose your own personal desyner dyson, from paint pallets (glittery, shiny, bold, bright, pastel and classic recyclone(racing green,burgundy,navy ...) & pearlized etc) These will then be shown on screen exactly how you chose them and if you like you desyn enough you will be able to order a real live one, direct to your door. These would come at a premium. The main aim being to encourage design in reality, and the internet is the perfect environment to do this in.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me, you know where to get me. If you want me to just get on with it outside of your company, could you either sponsor me or tell me where and how you raised the capital you scraped by on to give you time so that I can try it out and keep trying. I do not have a wife. Alternatively, I could work within your company using these ideas, to keep my creative mind alive so when I get home in the evening I can achieve more, more positively. I am seriously thinking of continuing with The Orion Party, because it looks like from your story, that current governments only "help" when you do not need their help, and I have enough ideas to change things.

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

P.S. It is nice working for a firm that won't sack me for thinking, I was working with Great Western, who took a thought track idea of mine, and did so. They executed it poorly, like they do, as it was not the perfect complete standard I expect. It is embarrassing to do something which is not your best. I'll tell you more about this, if you like.

This was sent in an envelope with



The Reply, clearly a standard reply, clearly the staff had opened the envelope. Legally you are not allowed to open another persons personal mail. :

I decided to write to his home address :

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

James Dyson

Home Address

Dear James Dyson,

I am writing to you at your home address for reasons that will become clear.

Firstly, I wrote to you confidentially. I received a standard letter to my home address in an envelope which had been opened and resealed (there was a rip in the paper on the adhesive strip) I enclose a copy of this and another standard letter I received on the same day. They were both sent 2nd class, one need not have had any postage paid at all. It could have been replied internally, in the way it was sent. The signature on the letter appears both traced and forced. I can show you the original letter. I loathe standard letters like you loathe e-mails.

Secondly, I have now been sacked. I was working via an agency. I went to work unwell, details follow, and the agency rang me up to say they did not need me any more and the agency were starting to look for a replacement for me. I was unwell from Thursday onwards, the first day I went home from work was Monday. I have been home ever since. I received the letter Thursday night.

I would still love to work positively with you, as I still trust you absolutely, this is why I am writing to you at home. I do not know what extent you can do anything even within your own company, but this does not deflect my desire to work with you in any way. I sincerely hope this letter I received isn't a photocopy of the treatment you received. I am prepared to forgive and forget the individuals concerned, given correct treatment, and an opportunity for a positive and fulfilling life. I feel sad to have my talent wasted.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

No Reply To Date. I am now working somewhere else.

Some more thoughts :

I have decided to try to publish Indecision (see Ethos page) as I would like greater exposure (see Where I am and When I am There , in three how to Contact me) also I need time to work at this with greater commitment, which consequently requires money, which I hope to obtain via Royalties from this book. I then intend to take time to both write and publish in paper version, The Orion Party manifesto in full, and in greater detail. I also intend as I become free to turn up more publically at TV debates (and Radio) and to go along to other public meetings etc. I am writing to co-operate with others, but this does not mean I have lost my independant mind. After all the ideas they are emulating are done so without payment to the originator. The goose can only lay golden eggs when fully fed. Sponsorship is always welcome which I shall see in a separate light to any relationship before if you wish for forgiveness.

Monday, March 1, 1999 ... Rt. Hon. Chris Smith M.P. , Secretary of State Culture, Media and Sport , 2-4 Cockspur Street , London , SW1Y 5DH

Dear Chris Smith,

I noticed in The Sunday Times 21/02/99: That you welcome applications at any time ... for your department. I would like to be considered for a serious professional position within the NESTA remit. I have some very good ideas. Given a proper professional position I would be enabled via time to put my vision, working with you, within your department, to practice.

I have written to Mo Mowlam with regards to joining The Labour Party, and within this letter I have detailed that I have a yet unproposed idea which is perfectly suited to work within NESTA. This is within the Sirius Points to HighLight Life section on my website, where I detail all recent developments, thoughts and activities I have done, including this letter. The In Agency co-joins with this unannounced idea to form a perfect package.

If a decision that I may be free to assist it this matter is swift, we will be able to come up with properly thought out, concrete proposals well in the time required for the NESTA consultation process.

I sincerely look forward to working with you to create a Better Britain.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

P.S. I thought I would write to you as I noticed emulation in this advert and the NESTA consultation document from my web-site so I presumed you would be interested in working with me. If not I will feel sadly stolen from. I hope for the best,

Copies of 2 e-mails recently sent which I think may be of interest to you :

Dear Mr David Clancy, Interactive TV

I feel I fall into the category of person that has simply a strong vision for the future of TV. My vision is on the WebT.V. link on http://www.orionparty.org . This is the start. I am respected enough amongst current media presenters and advertising agencies to be honoured with emulation and dialogue via what is said etc. by these presenters as an example. There are many. Some are on site. Some you may remember from the High Street etc.

My C.V. is on site also. Current remuneration is irrelevant in my case as I am not currently professionally paid for my work in this field. I now intend, as I am past the promo period to only work in a professional capacity under contract.

Please e-mail me for further dialogue or information as required.

Yours sincerely, Clare E A Kingston.

Harvey Nash

I have seen your advertisements on behalf of other companies in The Sunday Times. I have a strong vision for future technology. I am a design leader (people emulate my web site colourings for example, amongst many other things) I am also an instinctive innovator.

My web-site is at http://www.orionparty.org which you will probably like to look at. You may wish to e-mail me for further information.

I have been interested in computing technologies since well before my work at IBM and have experienced many packages. I have a good gut reaction to what will be next, I do tend to think and feel very well in advance of others which may prove useful to whichever company you source an opportunity for me from. I am fairly flexible as to companies, though I do prefer ethically biased ones. I believe they produce a more positive anything's possible atmosphere where more work gets done. Which is what I am after.

As you can see from my site, I influence those at the top and in power. I just say it and it is done, quite often. This may also prove useful.

I trust you to select whatever information you require from the site. Although I have stated on site that I regard the information to be copyrighted, you may need to copy it as an enabler to recruitment. So, for this purpose, please do so. If you wish the site to be edited in any way as an enabler to recruitment please e-mail me with the details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Clare E A Kingston

This as all sent in an envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL

Reply :

Letter sent to Mo Mowlam recently, she probably hasn't seen it yet (at the time of this writing). The colour of the paper used was Ivory Laid (very light but very subtle classic yellow) Font as it is here. This letter was actually sent on Ash Wednesday : So it is the Ash Wednesday Letter ; It is now Lent , and for Lent I have decided to Give Up Giving Up as I think this is the Greatest Challenge of all . It is relatively easy to give up on something simple like chocolate , it is far harder to face something hard and to persevere forever until you win .

Monday, February 15, 1999

The Rt. Hon. Mo Mowlam M.P. To The Rt. Hon. Lady's secretary :
Northern Ireland Office Please, if you could I would far rather this correspondence
11 Millbank went into the bottom of the nth box and stayed there
London for weeks...than to receive a standard reply in citizens
SW1P 4QE charter style swift timescale .


Dear Mo Mowlam,

I have come to a Decision, although it does depend on whether this decision is acceptable, to become more mainstream and try to join a proper big political party. After thinking long and hard I decided to try to join Labour first. I hope for a positive good reaction to my decision, if it is the right one.

I think I am an inspiration, although leading others in this way does not bring an income in, hence my inability to join earlier. I have been thinking about this for months. I feel if I can do what I can do with no resources alone, I can really do so much more with other people. I do feel very lonely and am lacking in conversation with those at my thought level, my peer group. I would dearly love to have a one to one with you. I also need a female to guide me as none of us knows everything. I have been following the behaviour patterns of men and am therefore not quite sure of myself, most of whom I admire and respect are men.

I still do not have enough income to join, I looked on the Labour party web-site for the price. Thankfully since doing this Air Force planes do not fly so often by my house, initially in small quantities this can boost ego, it is now excessive and rather tiresome, I do not have the time or peace to think straight in. With regards to membership, part-time workers and others in reduced categories can be very rich and those who pay more probably have less time to fully benefit in participation. Also I feel in my case it would be unfair as I do not have the funds and am bringing talent and policies. I currently feel that if you are rich you can for example seek to determine your country's future within an economic group, if poor you cannot afford to stand. I could not afford to vote in the community charge era which was profoundly undemocratic. I feel from what I have already given it would only be fair if I was given assistance with this.

With regard to what I have already given and the time I currently have to give in, given time and appropriate resource I could fully participate in assistance with the NESTA idea. I did have a completely different idea for the Arts which has not even reached my policy listings on site. The In Agency idea is only appropriately applicable to what I have stated it to be. Anything not listed here needs tackling in a completely different fashion, which I have thoroughly thought through.

I would be very grateful if you could consider what is the most appropriate and realistic position for me at this stage. I do know the difference between fantasy and reality. Anything can happen in Cyberland/space as it does not necessarily correlate to the real world. It is rather like a massive computer simulator of real life. The real world is much tougher and has less flexible parameters. People who are talented, although not over-confident, in reality, use it as a means to open up. I think more future members of parliament could be sourced by surfing and inviting. Really a mild and simple invitation to a real party was what I was after all along. I was waiting for it in hope.

Perhaps I could update the Labour party web-site because it hasn't been updated much since the election, including more interactive et cetera pages for individual members, teaming up with others to produce the best site in the world. I noticed that some people will emulating my mood, theme, idea using colours of different shades in the Independent. Does it really matter, which government you choose? If we work for the good no-one will find they lose. Perhaps you could help me print this poem for primary school children, as a basic constitution for the to follow, it is ready for printing. Many children and adults get discriminated against for example for being fat, (the first verse), which I believe is why other discrimination occurs, because teachers accept and promote discrimination as do employers. I would like to change all of that, if I am allowed, as it is the unaccepting of people as they are which makes them worse. Using this example I would re-classify fitness videos, and diet advice books written by the unqualified genetically thin as pornography, because that is what it is. Indecision is good for the vocabulary of young minds and is simple enough to act as a debating catalyst for all, to make us all a lot more tolerant, and therefore happier.

Many of my policy ideas are simple and therefore can be distractionary. Which is useful. I could help The President of the United States with my Space Force ideas, again if I am allowed. I do forgive and forget easily, if people want me to. This does not mean I am easy or stupid, quite the reverse, although in the selfish world we currently live in, those who give in to other people to make them happy are often perceived as losers, which in God's way is inaccurate. Fortunately we do not have to live in this state for ever. I did feel a sense of a comfortable feeling when thinking of doing what I am doing now, and a great deal more positively confident. I sincerely hope for to be able to make a constructive contribution from now on, and in real terms to be respected correctly for my worth.

I trust you, and I hope that this time my trust in others will not be betrayed. I have trusted organisations and people before. Like the Director General of the BBC and I have been let down. You really have no choice but to trust those in authority and power, because whatever you do, whether you follow the correct procedures or not, they can do what they choose. They decide to be honest or not, and as a little person, you really can't do anything about it. The only reassurance I have had is that God sees all, This life lasts approx. 100 years, Eternity about Infinity, though God decides on this one. At least if you do good you will have Heaven, whereas those who betray you will have eternal Hell. Position isn't that important to me really after all in 100 years we will all most probably be dead and in a 1000 we will all most probably be forgotten. It is opening souls to heaven that counts, that matters ultimately. And only if you do something really good will you be remembered for a relatively short time on earth. If God sees your/you're good you will be remembered for ever.

Yours sincerely,



Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston


24/02/99 - - - I have today received a letter / note from The Northern Ireland Office saying "Thank you for your letter dated 15/02/99 to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland which is receiving attention." So hopefully... just hopefully... We all live in hope for a better life, don't we all ? I hope this will lead to better things , better times ahead . God knows I feel I deserve some.

Reply : They clearly just sat on the letter for a time as this is clearly a standard letter. Standard letters are very rude when someone has made as much of an effort as I have.

First Thought -

Little Point : If M.P.s and other establishment People : Like my ideas and way of thinking : Want to hear more : Would appreciate what I could have to offer in ideas and thoughts from an original perspective : Who want new talent : What they could do is (as M.P.s can not resign but they can move on via 'promotion' to the other place ; The Lords) send an M.P. via 'honouring' them with a Life Peerage , so that they can assist and enable 'The Changing Of The Guard' in that place , so we have persons fit to stand and sit herein : and I can help with innovation and be a new bright spark in the littler chamber.

This is from the ...Sirius...Points...To***HighLight***Life*** page.