A Donator Form is being generated, the basic rule is if you send a cheque (the current available method - others will follow as I set the essential systems up) with a sheet of conditions, simple as that - If I cash the cheque I agree to, subscribe to, those conditions. You do not have to have any conditions at all as well, and donations can be anonymous, if you like.

Currently send cheques (and conditions if this is applicable) to:

The Orion Party, 109 Eastcott Hill, Swindon, SN1 3JH

initially make them personally payable to me Clare EA Kingston - I can send official receipts on request - until I can accrue the evidence for business banking viability for the party - hopefully sooner rather than later - I will be happier with it like that. If you are a bank and wish to provide these facilities - free banking is an in effect donation.

Other in effect donations include:

Better web-page scripting which I then choose to use on this site.

Evidence of serious multiple leaflet printing.

A Copy of an advertisement which will create positive traffic to this site (this can be borderline contoversial seeming negative superfically but giving the necessary boost.) Orion is not a Registered political party so televisual advertising may be possible, we may also be able to be subtle too.

Stamps or franking services etc.

Anything else you can think of - Contact me if you're not sure - I'm likely to say yes.