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I have a policy of non-editon so as to never hide the truth, so this is an addition to update my Contact Details:

I am now MOBILE so ALL Location Details Do Not Currently apply. My timetable is also flexible and changeable at a moments notice. Please feel free to e-mail me @ and I will furnish you with further details as appropriate, or get in touch with you as required.

Orion Party Phone (U.K.) 01793 695 793
109 Eastcott Hill e-mail
Swindon Instant e-mail link
SN1 3JH Feel free to say what you need to say .

I will try to stick to Netiquette rules and answer as soon as is humanely possible . With all interactions from you I will make it my policy to answer these first , and add to policy or improve my site second . I see people as priority number one .

Thank you .

The Orion Party

Contributions and Sponsorship

If you like what you see here . If you would like the Orion Party to start to do these things . We would like to start doing something . Much of what is here can be done now by most interactions with other organisations and setting it up with the help of others . Sometimes it is just a matter of having the finance to invest in a new system to get it up and running . Often when that system is up and running , if it is well organised , which is what I aim to do , it can be self funding and continue to run itself, which is good .

If you would like to invest in the future in some small way , or wish me to get on and do something about things in the way I have suggested , read the following :

Put funds into an account , kept separate from my personal accounts purposes . I will declare it all as is required .

In the name of Miss C E A Kingston

Sort Code 40 - 47 - 80

Account Number 701 344 81

You can send me a cheque , which will go into the above account . This can be recorded if you so wish , either on paper or on a computer file . This will be made openly available, again if you so wish. You can tell me how you would like me to record your contribution , as it is your money you are giving .

Address :

Miss Clare E A Kingston

The Orion Party

109 Eastcott Hill


United Kingdom


Please also use this address to contact me via the paper mail , to say what you think , to ask questions et cetera . I will answer letters in turn and I will actually answer them . I have a telephone number 44 01 793 695 793 .

My e-mail address is

Write right now if you'd like to.