What it means to be a member and how you can make it all come to be

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If you want to be a member of Orion all you have to do is say that you are one . It's not a bureaucracy , you don't fill in any forms et c. , you just say " I am a member of The Orion Party " . It is as simple as that . No one can stop you being a member , and no one can force you into it . The fact that you don't need certificates or membership cards to prove you are a member , makes it truly more free , nicer , happier , and a wholly more democratic thing . You don't have to worry or need to worry about it . You can be as commited or as casual a member as you like . It is up to you .

You can say out loud " I agree with this . I agree with that . " And by so doing you are promoting Orion , it's principles and policies . This is one way to act as a member .

If you have loads of money , but not loads of time , you can be an active member by contributing something within the bounds of reason , to make things that need money to start them up get going and therefore get done .

If you are good with talking to people , communicating , writing letters , e-mails et cetera , what you could do is write , for example to Major World Leaders and tell them about all of this , including The Orion Web Site Address , so that they have no excuse , but to find a way , of actually doing something .

I am quite willing personally to find a way of helping them in what so ever they choose to do from here . I see myself as a sort of cyberspace Prime Minister of Ideas . And obviously what is on the top of my agenda is to help all people out in the best way possible , within the capacity I have . I also obviously , will need their help and long experience to put things into practice . Advice is always welcome and very much appreciated .

If you are a member of any parliamentary or government style house or other political party , you can add my ideas to your manifestos , stating where they came from , of course . You can promote via debate the ethos and policies contained here . The way Orionids debate is that although they may and can belong to the same party , they can divide up as The Proposition (to the idea) , and The Opposition (to the idea) . You can change sides frequently , and quite democratically , according to the idea , concept , policy being debated . So in reality you become as true individuals , and stand out on your own in parliaments around The World , on your own two feet , not on others , and not artificially supported ( this is all metaphorical ) by big mega party machines . You really will have to be up to it , to do the job . Your loyalty will now become , what there is to be done , and not a set of chums who would back you up before whether you were doing right or were doing wrong .

Lastly , but definately not leastly , You can actually start doing the things contained in the policies or ethos Yourself . You do not need to belong to the government to do something about these things . You can participate personally . These ideas are practically formatted so as to enable people to be able to quite simply do them themselves . As a youngster I was given this saying :

The best sort of leader is hardly noticed by people . When he has finished his work , people say " We did it ourselves " Lao Tzu .

This is the way I wish to be. I want you to take the credit for all that is done. As it will be you that actually does the vast majority of the actual work. You that bears the changes it all entails. This will , most definately greatly affect your lives . Which is obviously of the upper most importance .

I Thank You

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

Written on 22 12 97 at 11:30 a.m. G.M.T.