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Publicity Drive

The following files of Publicity Papers can be Printed out by following the following instructions :

Click the Link to Go To It

Using your mouse go to File (normally on the top left hand corner unless you have moved it elsewhere yourself)

Go to the word Print and Click on this word as you would normally do and follow any instructions your computer gives you as it usually does

Then Go To The Page Back Arrow (usually near the File word, it looks a bit like this <= on your screen.)

This will take you back to this page to start again or to do something else

You can continue other activities as printing is happening  

Orion in Black and White for Publishing in the Press and suitable for Colouring in if that is what you want to do today

Orion in Colour - This is the one on the front page of the site

Web Site Address Poster


I One World II One Way III Wonderful Orion


Seeking --- Successful --- Solutions

Hunting --- Hope and --- Happiness

Finding --- Freedom --- For All


~Serious ~~Party*** ~~~Policies

~Seen as a ~~Serious ~~~Person...

~This is ~~Getting ~~~Sirius!!!

All the Text in these files is Times New Roman Bold. This you may find useful if you wish to produce copies of your own, in your own colour variants, of your own choice, this is a free party, and you are free to choose these things also. And you can produce them easily, in a way that your printer will actually print, I do understand these things. Look at the above pages to get an idea of what your reproductions could look like, print this page for the text, and good luck, Thank you.

If you are a computer expert you may wish to upload | download the files individually for use.

If you are publication publisher and your readers are interested please reproduce these images for their use.

If you like I can e-mail you the Corel Draw 8 files. The e-mail is called "Printing Press Publicity Papers" so you can easily discern it from the others you get at the office/home. If I get a lot of interest from this I may well contact professionals in the field of publicity who can e-mail files to you more swiftly than a single person can. I will say on this page on this site where to seek this source of information.

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