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Vision 20:50 - - Essay for The Economist competition.

Transport will be in the middle of yet another revolution in 2050. A completely new infrastucture will be internationalising from its initial UK base. This kind of transport is both egalitarian and aristocratic simulateously as we are all equally chaufferred from A to B. It is profoundly more logical as you can travel more as the bird flies without the need of a map reader. You can go faster safer. You know exactly what time you will arrive, if you programme your arrival time at 20:50 this is exactly precisely what it will be.

This network is called Seekcar as it automatically seeks out its destination. It is fully aware of all traffic on all routes, so it is aware of vision beyond the horizon, and has already made 99% of journey decisions prior to departure. You personally set preferred speeds on straights, curves, inclines, beauty spots and can request information en route, say if you are hungry and route a positive diversion at whim and will. To tell it where to go you use the current postcode and house ID number system, whatever that system is internationally.

You will by 2050 have a greater variant of vehicle types to choose from, which you will by now be able to call up from home in a similar way to hailing a taxi, only with this it will pinpoint exactly how many minutes and seconds it will take to arrive. Earlier in the century you could only access the system from the old railway network and then at increasing call-up-points on bus routes and places of mass public interest. Cars still ran on the other side of the road in the transition phase as Seekcars are by nature unidirectional, with traffic lights at cross-over-points. In the first phase you had no choice and had to queue on the station in line at your destination point on a first come first served basis, but at least you didn't have to stop and you knew the frequency variations.

With increasingly individual carriages you were more free to choose which TV channel you would view en route, and started to have the info-surf to yourself, downloading preferred music and book files from sites you were registered with - it saves all that 20th century carrying it all about with you and it was always there on your personal server if you chose to have one.

Seekcars are by far much more smooth than anything that has gone before, we have historically moved towards comfort and convenience as much as we possibly could with both the tools and technology we have available to hand. They glide, frictionlessly and have steadyness of speed both uphill and slide down, something unachieveable before. This is due to the potent mix of technologies already around and an awareness that their combination, like any good team, the whole is always greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Seekcars are energy efficient, they run on electricity, unless an off-road pod is attached, which runs on specific farmable or mineable oils available to the local area of useage pattern. This electricity can be sourced with great variants, as electricity does not travel well, like water on a flat, it needs constant push, this is why battery power does not really work if you really want to move, momentum must be present, a battery could only be used to gentle off-road on an adapted driveway. People themselves would provide the power on their own properties, gaining inexpensive transport as the deal, wind and solar power are examples. Petrol stations would become Power stations as they have the oil storage capacity and the safety already built-in. Fluid will be piped in both gaseous. organic and mineralic in accordance with capacity. For those who like cycling one of the vehicle types to be built is one where as you pedal, en route, the faster the cheaper journey, good for the young whose hormones dictate the need to prove self reliance to potential mates. Also for those who need the feeling of control, provided you have reached certain proficiency levels or passed tests, you will be permitted to act as Driver Controller, the system will be adaptive and responsive to these human and emotional needs, and inform other cars of your presence. It will be like a combination of a rapid response computer game and fast driving.

Who was who and Who was involved in setting seekcars up and running:

The Government decided after being pestered by the people about poor reliability of public transport and its inaccessability to the growing elderly population, and the access discrimination to what was termed disabled people, that they needed to be seen to be doing something, so they got involved, providing initial funding for phase one, the current railway network.

All economically good companies saw this was a lucrative bandwagon, to get on. They were aware of the ideas of the innovator of this transportation method, via their website, and had been continually indicating favour via complementary advertising. Car companies became involved in the mainframe structure of the pods, and their pressings were relatively simply transformed into manufacturing track components. The iron ore was sourced from emerging economies like Brazil. The glass from the previously oil rich desert nations. Plastic parts were made by many including double glazing manufacturers as this business had done its job. Designers produced spectacular work here, truly amazing contraptions, awesome as a 20th century limousine.

Computer manufacturers and internet entrepreneurs were soon into it. They provided the electronic and control structure to tame and realise the system. They trained suitable ex-realtime-drivers to move-over to this network. They believed that they understood flow mechanics with instinct and saw their skills had relevant application here. Many TV companies and WebMasters saw an opening to fund their operations. Freeview site contracts were signed up enabling royalties relating to access count, which were paid for as part of the transport cost of going from A2B.

Environmental groups were clearly happy with this transport method with its clean efficiency. The unidirectional nature meant that cars did not need so much road room. They enlisted their help voluntarily to beautify the views as drivers would now be viewers, and would grow in demands to like what they saw. The National Nature Network was beginning to be set up on the second side of motorways as the network was efficient enough for people to feel confident to abandon autocars. Also small sectors in roads deemed unnecessary, some now new safe play areas, some being given to farmers. Many farmers requested the overroad styles whereby roads were raised using superstrong materials, giving them yet more land. In wooded areas this was also applied, as small mammal and bird deaths due to human speed need was seen as a form of slaughter without good purpose. The sensation of flying achieved is remarkably similar to those flying motorbikes in the 20th Century film "Star Wars." Viable National Recycling was now up and running as collection was done automatically from the home, and now all items are thoroughly scientifically analysised, by machines, the earlier manual attempts were deemed basic and unhygienic, and were not a total solution. The days of the noisy rubbish truck are now thankfully historic. I really do not know how they maintained a clear frame of mindset with that racket in the very early hours once a week. And they had to put up with the sheer peace destoying noise of the traffic. Their children were not safe on roads, what with the pollution. Quality of life expectancy for the next generation is now rated higher. In-car space is now greater than it has ever been, the absence of the engine, as this is now firmly on the ground, means both length and breadth and height feels greater, and is. Also as the vehicles are lighter than ever before, they are much more cost effective, than what our great-grandparents remind us of. We also have historic evidence. We use this time as communication, comfort and conversation time. Time and comfort and knowledge all rolled in to one is a relativily new concept, which we all still appreciate, in particular those who suffered "juggling" due to the inefficiencies and insecurities of others in their earlier lives.

People were encouraged to abandon autocars as a government incentive scheme was set up. The government, as now, committed itself to a certain sum of development aid to developing countries. The Royal/Republics Space Force R.S.F. had as one of its missions greated vast new networks of roads, as fast trade is a true secure route out of poverty. This was and still is the main aim of the RSF to unite the world in positive action, making the world a better place, for the entire human race, and together going into space. They adapted the RAF's motto "Per Adua Ad Astra" With hard work to the Stars. With this network and our reliance on the next phase of movement development we saw it reasonable to give our motors to stream these nations upwards.

The RSF mainships are now in promising progress, and like all early adventurers, in new shores, they are named for blessing, God the Universal, God the Human and God the Spirit.

There is also progress on the Educational Front. Education was seen as a mean to freedom very early on in our existence. The only problem with its delivery was exclusivity, some wanted control over others by denying them information. The Knowledge Battles of the earlier half of this century could not be ignored otherwise we would all have been obliterated. Everyone, by human right, has irrespective of anything, equal access, and the time to truly absorb it, to information and a solidly founded education. The RSF embraced a new International Education System, which would realistically and honestly compare like with like and encourage all to progress towards Wisdom. Time was set aside in fast Advanced nations for reflection daily. This was in order to order reason in to their material mindsets, so they could be set free. Education and reflection enable wisdom. Wisdom enables Peace. Peace enables stable Prosperity. Prosperity without the fears that associated us in previous eras.

Those who did not desire peace, the basics, the animalaic humanoids were kept in check via the International Discipline and Defence Force, I.D.D.F. The IDDF was deliberately International in aspect as crime is tackled very individually in accordance to your upbringing. This is permanent shock treatment. If you try to get out of line you could be approached with annoying (if you are a hard criminal) British politeness, threats of curses on your family, I Will shoot to Kill, Kung Fu ... So it would be not worth it. The Police in effect have the upper hand, permanently. The IDDF will deal with all current war situations. They will go in immediately as a situation arises. There is no need for political negotiations as this slows things down to such an extent, and experience shows us speed is of the essence. The enemy always wins something unless intervention is immediate. The basis of combat is and will continue to be laid down by International Law based on previous conflicts, and will be in permanent dicussion with politicians and the people. So initially they were very basic. They made and will make mistakes, all of us do, that is life. They learnt and will learn from these mistakes by altering the Law as they Learn. Gradually through time things will slowly improve. They started with The Drugs War. This was the vision in the early half of the Century. We have as I am sure you are all aware, made Serious progress.

At a local level there was great interest shown in Seekcars. People could get to work stress free, on time. The elders could regain respectable independence, and could go far, health monitoring pods becoming available on stream. Shopping on the internet is seriously improved via this method as you can request a time for delivery. Also this was seen to be good for local businesses globally, and for diversity of produce. You could e-mail a company, for example to make you a pair of trainers/sneakers to your specific design, and the company would know they would reach you. The youngsters could go on expeditions without the statutory parental taxi service. Parents were so pleased with the thought of being able to control the speeds of the traffic in their streets, and so were those who lived by the road. Yes, control goes Both ways with Seekcars, track pieces can be programmed to within a certain parameter. The pieces form together like a train set/Brio/Scalextric so they are simple to configure together. Many people, who for environmental reasons had joined the Voluntary Hemisphere of the RSF wanted to do work on the network as a part of their Kingdom of Heaven jewel awards, which are after the current Duke of Edinburgh's Award precious metallic and Platinum and Diamond, Pearls are the top award here. They desired to make Heaven on Earth, as is the aim of the RSF. Technicians and engineers from the Professional Hemisphere as part of their missions wished to help them in their aims. They agreed to assist them in creating local Seekcar networks around their homes. This was of mutual benefit in terms of rewards, and not just simply the reward of the Network itself.

The degree of success and achievement is what allows you to do earn an orbit or revolution, once 360 degrees have been gained, the rotation is complete, and a Star is earned to wear, in the Colour of your rank e.g. Earth (1st Rank) deep green, Mars (5th Rank) Red, Sun (penultimate Rank) Bright Yellow, 12 stars for each rank, signifying the 12 signs of the Zodiac plus one recruitment or preparatory star, which is given as Earth, the final one is earned whilst wearing 12, so everyone always has stars, this is the 1st for the new rank, given by a Sun ceremonially.

These technicians and engineers of the RSF would be joined by Builders, Carpenters and other handy people who form part of the Professional RSF. Plumbing will now be done free of charge (via tax-paid and donated support) and other in-house and garden tasks by the RSF, professional and voluntary hemispheres. This is what I like to call a National Wealth Service.

At an International level progress is speeding up daily. The Eurasian route is moving swiftly ahead. Channel Tunnel and the new Severn Bridge engineers have drawn up plans for both the Bering Bridge and Tunnel, both so there is choice whatever the weather. Oil rig experts around the world have united to form the greatest bridge of all time, The Arctic Atlantic Access. This is constructed using Rigs (with icebreaker technology where necessary) and link-lines across. This route traverses UK-Faeroe-Iceland-Greenland-Canada uniting Europe and America so circum-navigation of the globe is possible using the quickest route. Cross Atlantic shipping will be only for leisure now. Commercial shipping was seen as detrimental to other species who have equal rights to live in reasonable comfort whilst within earth. New Zealand and remote islands were seen as a bridge too far for many using this method. In the early part of this century there was a contest called the X prize, as I am sure you are all aware, to get a spacecraft up to 100km and back, and repeat the exercise. The Seekcar technology with modifications, was the winner of that said prize. We now as you know are setting up Arch-routes, a most efficent effective way to travel as the initial momentum takes you far in lowered gravity and thinner atmospheres. Most micro islands are interested, it does not take as much space as an airport, and the launch pad can be situated in the sea. The Antarctic experiment went well, the scientists there pleased for the more frequent visits by and to their families.

So the World is Building Bridges. The Peoples Progress is swift. Some say an alien may dare to land, now seeing that we are no longer tribal primitives, out to harm each other and hiding from each other simultaneously. Maybe we will gain Wisdom from them. Maybe just by learning to co-operate with one another on a global scale we will learn Wisdom from each other and give it too. That is alien to the world of the past. The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. The future is an infinitely brighter paradise, like a new known heaven where some things are certain, peace, happiness, plenty and anything else good you do desire. We only have to want that choice. And have faith: "They Can Because They Think They Can" (from Jonathan Livingston Seagull on crossing vast oceans.)



Transport in the earlier years of this century was clogging up. The freedoms promised by using the autocar were then more of a prison, you were chained to it whilst in transit. It was also a major financial burden, fuel was expensive, as were vehicle tax, licences, insurance, and maintenance. Other forms of transport were no respecters of an individual person's time. You had to wait for these in places that were all artifical, sterile, very cold and lifeless. People were robotized. On board, these various formats, you were always at risk, due to human oversight or error. Sometimes the systems set up for traveller safety were not safe or efficient. Many accidents were reported on the news. This was when the new Seekcar system emerged. One aspect of this system is that people now had time to be people. The system was maintained by teams of robots reporting back to specialists. If there were any faults found the track, which contained the engine, it could be simply swapped. You only pay for this transport method when you use it, unlike the autocar system. You no longer have to wait, it waits on you, allowing you to pick a pod, configure your desired journey settings, speed, corner taking, views to see, food on route. You can utilise your time more profitably, reading, studying, perhaps working, or using the info-surf, games console or communicator on-board, certainly not bored on as in many 20th century transport devices. You can take the route fully scenically or go Atmospheric, Bravo to Brunel and all that! It's all up to You.

Whilst I did not Win this particular competition nearly all the adverts in a subsequent edition were complementary and emulatory - saying I think "We Want to Work With you"

Likewise the articles in the New Scientist Like this innovation as they have been discussing elements of it in recent weeks and how to Apply them Now in current situations.

Nesta Application: This was not a successful application. I felt hurt about this as Nesta itself founds itself around The In Agency idea on site. They could have reciprocated the gift. The styling is I thought when I applied, emulatory, positive at application, when I was turned down I was not so sure. You can use the following codes on a form in progress to see the answers with the questions.

parking status

Your Application has been parked

Your Username is :CKSN13JH0501190

Your Password is :orion

2.5 As a child (of eleven to teens) I had to travel to and from school with heavy baggage and in the time spent waiting studied the systems involved. I was also given a train set just like the real thing and just like the real thing it did not work and it had to be sent back. I was 8. I made up my own system which worked. I have been a critic ever since. At eleven I started designing a car which would work by just pressing a button called a messenger stamp, (and would not run on conventional fuel as I was aware, even at that age that it would eventually run dry - probably in my lifetime - this was highlighted by 1970's fuel crisises - no it's not all that new - ask most of the population) this was prior to the computer age, which makes it all the more interesting. I have been to Saltash where my parents moored their boat near Brunel's Atmospheric Railway building in the early 1990's and had the realisation of how to make Brunel's dream come true within my network.

2.6 No

3.1 Ceak / Seek Car Transport System

3.2 Engineering

3.3 A transport system where in-built into the system itself the cars "seek" their destination. The track itself is substantially more efficient than any motivational method I have researched - including most recent work - and is also very cost effective - in energy, maintenance and manufacture.

3.4 Transport is in crisis - each format has had a given life span - which for the current systems is now ending. This system is highly accessible to all e.g. the elderly can regain their social independence. People will lose the need for cars - as this operates 24 hours on an increasing network - so the system will pay for itself. Fares are an instant variable (I'll explain) so risk factor is low.

3.5 The partnership between private & public transport. The cars are public property - meaning you are not personally responsible for maintenance - robot and humans maintain the system. Yet you travel directly, door to door long term and in your own car where it is your own private space. Better Facilities can be provided which are not available in cars today. e.g. Toilets, Food deliveries on track (or programmed stops en route), Surfing the net in car using the same system as will get you there, game playing, chatting worldwide & TV while you travel (worldwide channel choice) et cetera. A very much better travelling experience. You will also travel faster with absolute safety at a lesser impact in the environment. The engine runs on electricity and is totally on the ground. Most propulsion methods carry their engines which is a drag.

3.6 - I thought of rubber wheeled vehicles in the very earlier stages when I was 11 - I think they are not being flexible enough in their approach and their track is not flexible for different car types & sizes - as mine is. -Maglev - mine is not solely maglev and not semi-conducting so it is economically possible. - I will apply Ekranoplan principles as an anti-drag mechanism. - So some parts of my system are new - not all parts detailed here. Some are hew uses of previous technology - combined to optimum effect. In some part this amalgamation is also a novelty as it applies known science in a new way. I'd like to work with the people who originally enabled previous technology e.g. The Russians for Ekranoplan. This system can go worldwide (meaning no more waits at the airport). I have thoughts on this.

3.7 Designers for the different styles of cars, e.g. The Firm who designed the Pods for the London Eye. And interior designers. Computer technicians. The BBC (or other broadcast organizations). The main metal parts could be cut in current car factories. ( Car firm / manufacturer advertisements in particular TV Ads indicate both a desire for this idea and a desire to work within it as a part of it. They want to team up with this idea. ) Current professional drivers could oversee the network, (Thunderbirds style) This system has in-built upgradability so there will be interesting work engineering the system for many years to come. This system is built in separate easy to assemble components and can be laid down as simple as Brio / Scalextric. A toy version can be manufactured early on to inform, educate, and reassure re safety as it is much safer than anything now present.

4.1 Other - Well developed in research and development. I need to be able to prototype it. I do not have the applicable materials or resources at home (which is understandable and perfectly natural) I would like to team up with engineers, architects and manufacturers to professionalise (e.g. calculations, steel types et c.) and realise this concept.

4.2 I tried / attempted to obtain support via an agency called Inventorlink. I discussed various aspects of the idea - which has now progressed and advanced beyond that discussed. One idea was for poorer but healthier people to be able to generate their own power source via friction less cycling. This was subsequently featured on a Tomorrow's World exhibition as a cycle to generate power to make a Scalextric car on a track go round. This was applied via the dynamo effect generator. I wrote to Virgin. See my website at for full details and for more complete details of what I have recently done. They said they needed further information before continuing. As a result of my experience putting my trust in Inventorlink, I decided I had given enough for serious consideration and that I might be about to be exploited again. Virgin recently announced plans to have their trains remotely radio-controlled. I think I know where that came from. I have also tried to enthuse support from Men in the field, as there are few women. When I discuss even the most basic details they consider it emotionally rather than objectively. They then steal what they can to obtain credit and dismiss me out of hand. The transport and innovation industries are in a male complacent crisis. See other interactions on site. I voiced an idea whilst working for Great Western, also featured in The Sunday Times 16/01/2000, immediately afterwards I was sacked and they used the idea. I have also written to Railtrack who "strangely" announced that they had done a survey recently which stated that most people were happy with the train system - this is an example of defensive emotion and probably possibly shows that my idea is a perceived threat to them. I would like to employ them all (see previous answers) :-( some of this seems negative - I really want to be on-side with as many people as possible - so can't really afford this - I guess we all struggle to get our dreams for others acheived and are both shocked and amazed when all some people seem to want is nightmares - its a bit confusing really :-)

4.6 copyright. I have not revealed most of the idea and I have kept all the best bits secret.

4.6 Cost of Patent and renewal. Cost of Lawyers made this all impossible to protect. I would have to wait until I was very rich to do this idea or in a very good position - so probably - if NESTA didn't exist in my old age or never. I also do not have the time as I need to work to pay bills to dedicate to this until assistance arrives.

5.1 I have made many steps already. With NESTA help and protection I can continue. Many of the thoughts I have are detailed previously. I would need to interact with others which makes timetables difficult to assess. This is a draft proposal:

Year 1: To complete prototypes to perfection. To set up and engineer presses and design bulk manufacturing machines. To market the idea in the real world and prepare where first track lines are to run 3 e.g.s Between 2 quiet railway stations, a park and ride system and an inter-shopping-centre try-it-out set up. To manufacture test cars.

Year 2: To release Toy version so that the public are aware of what we are doing and to set up an interlinked website for their comments, contributions and questions. To try in this way to answer questions, queries and fears and reassure them. To set up and get up and running all chosen test tracks. To make proposals for expansion. To continue to manufacture cars, but these be the real thing not prototypes. To initiate and continue bulk manufacture of track.

Year 3-5 +> : To expand network in this sequence:

1/ Current Railtrack Lines

2/ The Underground

3/ Bus Routes

4/ Tourist routes and Countryside beautiful places

5/ Motorways, A, B and progressively less used routes

6/ International & Large Scale National

7/ Space to New Zealand (very long term)

Initially these will be disperate but with a sufficient increase in car numbers and a suitable predictability criterion mapped out (which can only be assessed when in use) will be integrated together. When we have achieved both 1 & 2 a National Car Buy Back scheme will be introduced which will be funded via in effect ticket sales. People will have to wait. A similar to SORN declaration could be initiated. These cars would then be given in a Trade and Aid package to poorer nations who can use them to improve their lives as the Seek/Ceak Car system will take a very many years to reach them.

6.1 Because this is a major national and international idea I need a government to support me as a government is the only realistic body to negotiate with other governments - and the only organization both big enough and powerful enough to both fight and win in turning this dream into reality. NESTA is bigger in that sense than all the organizational bodies I have currently encountered. I feel the NESTA selection criteria has been met and answered within other questions.

6.2 Nesta 50,000 Other sources 900,000 (intially will increase but money will also be coming in then also so will balance out)

6.4 re 6.2 I am not sure exactly. I will need advice.

6.5 choose Project Costs or all options

italics - later additions

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