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You will now notice that the letters I had on this page have now gone, they are a part of the third phase, which is near completion of its revolution, I have to wait for the reply from one letter before I whizz all of this phase up on site. The Third Phase was a rapid phase, so rapid you could have called it cyclonic!

I am now in to another way of thinking. I have come to terms completely with the influence I hold, I have decided to hold it humbly, all things Great like this are a Gift from God, they are only yours as long as God allows, and God allows as long as you are as Good as you can be for others. I am now truly Grateful to you all for listening, it is such a privilege to be heard.

The promo period of The Orion Party as a personal way of promoting myself as an entity prepared to join another party bringing with me all my ideas, has now ended. As I have waited long enough, and all I have experienced is these parties utilizing my ideas, not being honest enough to give me the credit, where it is truly due, and on my suggestion that they could, in fairness offer me free membership if I freely give, I have only recieved standard forms that everyone receives stating for example it would cost less if paid by direct debit. Some give money, others themselves, I offered ideas but they did not want me with those ideas, I take that personally, very much so.

Now some thoughts on Kosovo :

These have been delayed as I needed to ensure a full understanding before I commented, or at least a reasonable one, these are my best efforts so far. I shall continue trying.

+ If we knew as we did that we were going to go in should we (as I feel we should have done) have thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared everything necessary for those who would be refugees, as we are aware this always happens in war?

+ As we were aware of this "ethnic cleansing" well in advance, would it not have been wiser as we knew we were going to bomb via the air to have quietly and quickly brought the people to safety before the bombing campaign began?

+ Could NATO train up, and work with, the Kosovo Liberation Army so they will be able more rapidly to live in safety back in their own homes, defended by their own people?

+ I believe that The International Discipline and Defence Force on this site would be an appropriate replacement/enhancement for the warrior side of things to bring in more other countries to take on their own responsibilities in this World. What do you think?

+ I also think that The Royal Space Force could have a more positive and effective effect on the human humanitarian needs than what is currently available. Ensuring humane treatment of all peoples. I can explain what I mean in depth if you would like me to. Do you see this as a possibility for a better way to make sure this dire disasterous way of treating people may never occur again?

+ Most people see Slobodan Milosevic to blame. Why is it like with Adolf Hitler (who after initial good work turned nasty) we do not get rid of him. If Adolf Hilter had been captured at the early stages (before the war) the war may never have happened, though the war ironically did us some good as it brought us all closer together, helping both lower classes and women. We, I believe, should lure him to talks and arrest him on war crimes charges. The people are not all to blame, they have been brainwashed, as evil tyrants do do this to all but the most truly strong, so they should not die. This could I believe have been true of the German people. We after all live in a minoral financial dictatorship, and have done so for quite a long time. Can we blame the people for this? What do you think about this?

+ Why were the Serbs such a minority in Kosova? Were they wound up into this war? Why is The Former Yugoslavia so ethnically compartmentalised? Are we a bit like this in Britain for example (racially) and what effect does that have?

+ Do the people there, on both sides, either really believe in One God , or in The Compassionate, The Merciful, or just in evil territorial claims? Who or What is their God? Do we see exactly the same in Northern Ireland and in other places around the World, and what is generally always the result?

+ People are entitled to a home, all people are. We do not, any of us own this World, but live here for but a moment. We must live in harmony or else our souls will be destroyed and we will lose our true existance, as we only exist in the spirit, the soul. The Kingdom of God is Not of This World. Do we want Life or Death?


#Digital & computerised laminated passports, can data from real passports be retrieved from anywhere? with pictures of family and data

# "genetic cleansing" this is very, very evil, indoctrinating people for whatever "reason" that they are superior or inferior, causing some genetic types to breed more than others therefore getting rid of certain people by the mind duping or doctors sterilising certain types.

#facist media in this country "Blonde this, Blonde Blue that", e.g. Hello! magazine, who also edit photographs in a Stalinist way.

#How I have tried, the big guys in this country steal from me, if there is no reward for doing good what is the consequence?

#little tikes structures & beds, quadro shelving etc , tents are not adequate, pre-fab temporay accommodation

#activities to do to take mind of things, internet schooling for the young, knitting for the old (just 2 examples) and in a some small way refocus on the positive and constructive in life so that the people are not completely destroyed inside, which is where Milosevic is winning, and we are doing nothing about.

#small no. of ground troups could in truth go in and take back a small amount of land so the front line will start to move, no excuse for doing nothing, and the people can again start to live in houses and regain a part of there lost lives.

#there will be then less left to be done and less to do or repair.#


You may well have noticed that this page has not been updated as you may have expected.

This is because I am sick of the Government stealing ideas from this site. Others have taken inspiration from it. I am happy for my inspiration to benefit others. To a point. I am practically penniless and as well as doing this work I have to do simple but time consuming and mentally jading work to pay bills. I no longer work at Dysons. I work within walking distance of my home which is healthier for me. I do need to consider my health, as poor persons foods do damage your health and mine needs repairing if I am to go on and continue. I have been concentrating on that. I have not continued to concentrate as much on my site as I have not received a penny for this work. And I feel , it is only morally correct for those who have benefitted and who can , to pay for good work done. I cannot therefore support or give any more unless and until I am personally assisted. You see from my C.V. on site what I was on before I followed this vocation. That was all in total I was asking for, which is, I believe, not too much to ask for

I do have views and contributions to make which I would dearly love to do. I thought if I gave the best I had to the world the best would come back to me.

Thank you for your moral support. I will put my views on the Kosovo crisis on this page at some point. They differ from my views on the Iraqi conflict, and I was in no hurry to voice those. As I do not have all day every day to think of these things it will take a little more time than those influencing full time. I do not wish to make serious mistakes. Thank you to all those who have been a positive influence to me on this. I feel I see it your way.

Lots of Love , Clare



Some more thoughts :

I have decided to try to publish Indecision (see Ethos page) as I would like greater exposure (see Where I am and When I am There , in three how to Contact me) also I need time to work at this with greater commitment, which consequently requires money, which I hope to obtain via Royalties from this book. I then intend to take time to both write and publish in paper version, The Orion Party manifesto in full, and in greater detail. I also intend as I become free to turn up more publically at TV debates (and Radio) and to go along to other public meetings etc. I am writing to co-operate with others, but this does not mean I have lost my independant mind. After all the ideas they are emulating are done so without payment to the originator. The goose can only lay golden eggs when fully fed. Sponsorship is always welcome which I shall see in a separate light to any relationship before if you wish for forgiveness.


First Thought -

Little Point : If M.P.s and other establishment People : Like my ideas and way of thinking : Want to hear more : Would appreciate what I could have to offer in ideas and thoughts from an original perspective : Who want new talent : What they could do is (as M.P.s can not resign but they can move on via 'promotion' to the other place ; The Lords) send an M.P. via 'honouring' them with a Life Peerage , so that they can assist and enable 'The Changing Of The Guard' in that place , so we have persons fit to stand and sit herein : and I can help with innovation and be a new bright spark in the littler chamber.