The ...Sirius Financial Situation... I am in


The positive message of The Orion Party may cease to function if funds of any kind are not forthcoming soon. So far I have had none, nothing from anyone. This means I do not have time to fight, I work at low pay which tires me out, to try to pay bills.

Currently my mortgage is in arrears, I cannot pay for my T.V. licence (not simply out of protest for programme formats stolen) it is a fiscal impossibility. I am over my overdraft and deeply in debt. My house suffers from damp, from a pipe I can not afford to repair. I have to turn the mains water supply on and off and keep taps running when I wish to use water to prevent massive flooding. Mould is growing in my house and damp seeps through the roof. I cannot afford to turn the central heating on (it is gas and the boiler hasn't been checked since installation 2 and a half years ago) to dry or warm the house. My health is suffering and I am living in constant perpetual fear.

I know many of you have given moral support which is encouraging but unless I can afford to live, I cannot afford to continue. I understand that as you are using the inspiration I provide in advertising campaigns and other commercial ventures you are benefitting financially from them. If you are political, your re-election, and consequently approximately 5 years worth of good highly paid salary depends on them. So far I have not benefitted at all. I now cry in agony over the unfairness of it all.

I have given to the world the best I have and the worst has come to me, this is not the way in a meritocracy and a democracy it is supposed to happen. Perhaps we are living in neither. Perhaps this country / this world is a financial dictatorship. Perhaps you would like it to stay this way. Perhaps you would like it all to get even worse. The choice is yours. I only require a modest salary to survive and that is all I am asking for. It is only fair. It is only right, correct, and justice so to do.

... If you wish to prove me wrong on this notion of financial dictatorship, please get in touch with me, sponsor me, and thereby, prove to me, that in a market economy, things can work for the better, if we all pull together, and play fair ...


Clare E A Kingston... 22 / 11 / 98

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