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This is a Supporter Square. You can Support The Orion Party by buying books via clicking in the link, this involves no Sacrifice on your part and The Orion Party wins too. A win - win Situation. You can also Support The Orion Party by providing links like these.

You can also Sponsor The Orion Party :

Specifically - where you Say by what degree you are Sponsoring , or

Silently - where you don't.

You can be an Single individual or part of a larger organisation of any kind. In return for your Sponsorship you can use a square to permanently say what you like with absolute editorial control over the content. You may like to ask about updating it regularly. You can put as many links as you like on your Square, choose the colour of the text and include Small images ... ... ...

Salary Style

You now know from this site that I am an ideas person.

You may like to Say "We will Sponsor your Site if you think up a good new product idea or line for us" You may already have been inspired by this site and wish to give a format of credit where credit is due. You can base this credit meritocratically. And you can choose the format and any relevant agreement, should you choose to have one.

You can be a business a government a non profit organisation or anything you like for this sort of support

  If you would like to Sponsor The Orion Party or be a part of CyberCentre a new internet Real Vision shopping centre I am creating please e-mail your images like this: I Colourful shopfronts in a small number of sizes. II Black and White Speeddownload gifs for users with slower connect speeds or those in a hurry (no greyscale please, it is seen a bit like colour) III Alt text so users can enter straight away rather than wait IV Click link text for a text based centre. I intend to have reflector sites for all peoples uses and open up branch malls according to distribution zones and currencies where translation is not available or legal. Thank you. Any Questions? Please ask.

Some Street Spaces in CyberCentre: : : : : : : : :

F = Finance Forest

G = Garden Gate

H = Heritage House

I = The In Institute

L = Literature Language Learning Library

P = Property Place

S = Sports Store

}This is only the Start and these are Sort of

}proposals. Suggestions are always

}welcome. Thank you, Clare