The Holy Lands

This is the New Name for Israel and Palestine. The name derives from The Holy Books. This land has been known both as Palestine and Israel - There is historical evidence to prove this. I came to this name as I saw this evidence in The Good News Bible.

The area could not be known as Israel and Palestine or Palestine and Israel because one country name would be named first so naming the other second

- would not be fair just or right

- God's - Allah's - Yahweh's lands have been named both in equal importance in the past -

They must remain in equal importance.

The Holy Lands is what it is , what it has been , and what it will remain in the future.

I now name an example of another country which has no country name - The United Kingdom - It is United - It is a Kingdom - but the states within it are called alphabetically - England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales. National Assemblies have been recently set up for the last three named , we are thinking about one for England too , we are also in a transition phase. We have are Unitary Assembly in Westminster , as you will have I hope and pray in The Most Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Most Holy Sites belong to God alone and no man or woman has rights to them. Allah in his divine mercy gave them most humbly - Allah is God - for and of All of Us - Universally. Yahweh demands and commands peace in Your Land ! Yahweh's Land ! Yahweh will be obeyed !

So the Holy Sites and The Holy Sites Alone will now have Universal Status as will The Vatican and Makkah. This will run on the same lines as the World Heritage Sites under global patronage. One may wish to suggest sites for Universal Status for example Stonehenge and The Pyramids.

I have dreamt up a New Flag for this New Dawn. This New Dawn for The Holy Lands:

God The Universal is represented by the Israeli Star.

God The Human by Palestinian Red - The Blood poured out for you.

God The Holy Spirit in the Green Life Giving Water Flowing All Around.

The Holy Lands will be all the territories currently held by Palestine and Israel concurrently now - we will settle down and have peace living with one another as God intended - a paradise on earth. A tent in his presence.

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