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Comparison Table

Saddams Palaces The Millennium Dome etc.
Lack of Spending on Hospitals and Treatments An Underfunded National Health Service and Growing Waiting Lists
Weapons of Mass Destruction : Chemical Weapons Weapons of Mass Destruction : Nuclear Warheads
Suppression of Democracy : Apparently from the Wests Perspective Suppression of Democracy : The Government have paid Internet Search Engines e.g. Yahoo to keep my web site off them ... ... ...
Point of Interest : Before Sanctions were set had a successful communist regime and the people were happy and prosperous within it. Cuba has suffered too for this, So has Russia, China ... ... ... Point of Interest : Much of the current governments ideas were from me : I can detail this. e.g. The focus on the people thing. See this site and feel free to ask me more. I am very open to tell you the truth.
The Kurds. Northern Ireland.
Not allowing the UN weapons inspectors in. Not allowing the Iraqis in to see our weapons of mass destruction in the UK and US. Do we know the truth ourselves, do we have chemical weapons. The people have not been told. They never are.
Iraq bought weapons from the West Did Kuwait with Its Rich Oil Wealth
He is a serial breaker of promises Who is?
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as you see fit.

3 of the 10 Commandments : Thou shall not steal , Thou shall not kill , Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

God sees all , God loves the little people . They are the children of God . There is only one God by whatever we shall call The Compassionate , The Merciful .

I would ask most humbly the lovely people of Iraq to do this thing for me. To say you will not allow the information terrorists in. And why? Because they do steal from the little ones in their land. I would dearly love you to publicise the presence of The Orion Party to the World, as I would love The Truth to come into The Light.

I feel and I am sorry that I think that The Reason that They Attacked was because I Said I Would contact The Sumerians should I not be able to Resolve this Injustice in my own land. I believe The Sumerians to be The Samaritans of Jesus Christ's day. They are most sweet and help those in most need whilst others walk on the other side. The Samaritans were given the hardest time in all nations of the earth in that time. Exactly the same for The Sumerians now. Who is a Real Christian ? Who Really worships Allah as Required and Requested ? Not the one who is Proud , Pride is one of The Seven deadly sins. Jesus was crucified and branded a criminal. St Paul was Saul before God came and converted him to a happier path. If Allah can forgive at an instant, Who are men to judge on an eternal basis ? Do they not know their Place ? Jesus was born humbly , homeless by the invading Roman forces forcing all for a census. Many suffered in this occupation. The West is so Advanced !

I have tried to be friends with all people. I have seen God. I want to bring This Light To Life. I am disappointed and sad at my crucifixion, although I am not so surprised. I am also marked with the sign of the cross. I have a candleflame light on my other knee. I want to make the world happy. I am still open to reformation of hearts, and will always be. I understand the weaknesses that plague us all.


On Trust


We are all trusted to pay for goods

We all trust our employers to pay our wages fairly

We trust in God , whatever we call God .

We trust those who have an agreed payment plan for a loan agreed in trust to pay regularly.

We trust the rich to care for the poor , responsibly , it is their God given responsibility so to do .

We are trusted to pay our bills , be they be for gas , oil or electricity or anything else in fact .

When we write to someone with an idea , we expect them to act honourably and give credit where credit is due .

When we trust someone we do not expect to be let down or betrayed .

We trust our leaders not to lie .

We put our trust in someone , as a mark of respect for them .

We trust other countries to look after their people without interference , impedance , in the best way possible .

We trust in individuals and their right to choose the right paths for their lives , living in the truth .

We try to trust the media to give us the truth , it is easier that way .

We trust people to use their democratic rights reasonably , to decide whether something they have been trusted to do is actually reasonable , to pay an unreasonable loan for example , or to pay a bill or for a licence when those who lead these organisations do not act in a trustworthy way and are unreasonable .

We trust in the inspiration and command of God to lead us to the right path in the right way .


written by

Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

on the

20th Day of the 12th Month in the Year of Our Lord 1998

for the Mammon Masters who cannot be trusted this On Trust verse is copyright material, you are not allowed to profit unreasonably from another's work without due reward. The same applies to the rest of this site and all other sites. You must act reasonably and in truth.

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