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Miss Clare E A Kingston O Levels  
109 Eastcott Hill English Language B
Swindon English Literature C
Wilts Mathematics C
SN1 3JH Biology B
01793 695793 Geography C
106456.3000@compuserve.com French C
http://www.orionparty.org Chemistry D
Date of Birth 6th March 1969 Physics C
N.I.No. NR 89 28 64 D Religious Studies C
Full Clean Driving Licence Sociology D

7th January 1991 - 30th November 1997 Administration Officer , Employment Service , Swindon , SN1 2LN

This includes Reception Duties for people at all levels. Taking New Claims ( a temporary promotion opportunity ) whilst giving advice on job search approach in accordance with the individuals requirements. I have also matched people to jobs, successfully. Part of my work involved payment of benefit, which was promptly and accurately executed. Also I dealt with both complex and simple benefit and job enquiries without any prior time to prepare, which I did without fluster. I have helped our clients with Jobseeking difficulties in Job Club to find work, keeping their spirits up throughout. I have been flexible in my approach to my work, volunteering to help out other Job Centres in need, and becoming popular as a result. Final salary £11.884.

1989 - 1990 . Temporary work for various organisations in a wide variety of work including cleaning, warehouse work, picking and packing, shop work and office work.

1988 - 1989 . Most recent first.

Research Councils , North Star , Swindon . I worked in a training department. Logging details of those on in-house business style courses. Informing the course attendees with relevant information and doing basic preparation.

Tarmac Construction , Windmill Hill , Swindon . Helping a team of people construct a computer centre building for Galileo ( airline ticket firm ) by doing various admin duties including compiling and producing a visual progress chart.

D.H.S.S. ( Now Benefits Agency ) , Swindon . I worked temporarily in the post room ( Registry ) also doing other duties like filing and retrieval.Administrative Assistant rank.

Craig Communications , Sherborne St John , Basingstoke . I worked as an Office Junior in a small telecommunications firm doing general office duties.

1987 - 1988 . I.B.M. Basingstoke . My first job where I learnt the basics of office work and the buzz of business life.

I studied at :

Basingstoke College and Queen Marys College , Basingstoke 1986 - 1987

Woldingham School , Woldingham , Surrey 1980 - 1986

And I was in the middle of a Customer Service NVQ3 qualification when I decided to lead a more vocation life , better suited to my very individual skills , gifts and talents. This was via the Employment Service.

Hobbies include reading factual. Reading at church once every six weeks ( rota basis ). Dancing and Exercising to music. I like swimming and walking. Also Inventing / Innovating , I am a member of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors. I surf the Net and I now have constucted a web site. I love new technology.

I am currently working within private industry on temporary style contracts, whilst I wait for my political career to take off.