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Monday, 1 June 1998

Cherie Booth QC

10 Downing Street





Dear Cherie Booth QC

You may or may not be aware of the Orion party from on the internet. I set up this as a way to be able to give my best to the World. Ideas are what I am good at. It's my best talent. It's like some people are good at being doctors, some teachers, some lawyers et c. When I mentioned ( see Archaeological Site ) that I wished to be seen as a sort of cyberspace Prime Minister of Ideas I was not being a threat to your husband, I am too young and won't be strong enough or ready enough for at least 10 years I think. What I really meant to hint at there was like the Minister without Portfolio, that sort of thing.

I can be, and am an inspiration to people. Tanita Tikaram has written loads of songs about me and Madonna's album, Ray of Light, I believe , draws inspiration from my site. I have also noticed emulation on the BBC and other places from it also. One thing that worries me, however, is that, although people expect so much from you, no-one is paying you anything at all, so it all becomes a bit much, which is a waste really, because a well developed talent for ideas ( I do off the cuff ones also ) is extremely rare. I put my name to many of my ideas as e.g. The Education System I have been thinking about since I was a child of 15, so half my life, which I think deserves credit for. And anyway say for example you do a case you get the credit which is fair enough.

I am going through a bit of a negative phase at the moment as a resultant of certain things. I don't really want to be sad with this, in fact I would prefer to be more idealistic on my site, i.e. be able to subtlise the desperate requests for money. I did send some of my ideas off before starting off my site. See /News.htm on site ( in preparation ) you won't like all you see there, it is not yet linked to the main site, but I may have no choice, as I have run out of funds, I am having to do menial style work which is tiring me out and boring me to tears. I am sadly beginning to think that if I made some nasty noises like the IRA. I might do better than continuing being all nice, because, I hate this, but it seems that people don't really respect nice, they seem ( though I am depressed now ) to prefer it hard. I don't know why and I just don't get it.

What I previously dreamt up was of being a happy Minister of Ideas, bright yellow car running on electric and that sort of stuff. Perhaps having a young person doing positive things might get young people off drugs and doing something more useful instead. Living life. I don't need power really, that is rather frightening, in fact the more temperance to that the better as far as I am concerned. I just need to get paid a decent, modest sum for generating ideas to make this country and the world better. Most of what you would like to give me as a reward for my work could be held in a Trust for the long term e.g. The Orion Trust for when I run out of ideas, though I don't know whether or not that will happen yet. Perhaps the Orion party could be a branch of Labour for young people, you know without the nasty bits of politics in it. I don't know, but what I do know is that I want to do something, just one thing. I am not a Mosley. I am not in any hurry. It is just silly me doing a job someone else could do, when I should be doing something only I can do.

Perhaps one of the first things I could work on with people could be the Education System Idea. That might get good people interested in teaching again. Also transport, obviously. Incidentally, have you read Inventors World recently Noel Edmonds ideas seem remarkably similar to mine of the Technology Bank sort of thing and he is interested in transport. If I was in a decent position, maybe people wouldn't take me for a ride quite so much. I need all the help I can get. I suppose we all do. I do like the idea of teaming up, it's easier, better and the job gets done quicker, so we can all start on another one earlier et c. and get ahead. It's a competitive world, no-one would invade us if we were able to have the best country, so we had the time and resources over to make other countries better. I would like a nice world in the future. I haven't any children yet, I have been instinctively putting that off ( though I haven't got a husband yet ) just because I would like to make a world as good as I can make it for them before they are born, or soon after. That's a pretty good incentive, but I cannot wait for ever.

I can tell you more and give more personally in information to you. A main incentive for getting going on my transport idea at that time is fairly obvious. I was called to start doing something. In fact I have not been able to rest properly since then. I feel I won't be able to be at ease until I am able to get this thing going. Although I gave some information in the letters, that is not all there is, that needs to be known. As you never say everything in a letter, even though they were fairly substantial. I have been working on better transport since I was 11 years old, and I thought about it from 5/6 years old. This is another reason to work with me on this one, as I have probably thought about most things.

I thought I'd have one last stab at being positive, to see if it works that way. If it doesn't I'll obviously have to go down a more negative, more traditional route in this game. A route which I really don't wish to take. I really want to lead a happy life. I can't be expected to take on everything at once yet, which is another reason for your husband to feel I am not a threat to him, I like him anyway and it loathes me to think I might have to be anti-him just to get the credit I deserve.


Finally those web-site addresses in full:


Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston.

I still haven't received a reply from this one.


Friday, July 3, 1998

Rt. Hon Tony Blair M.P.

10 Downing Street



Dear Prime Minister,

I wrote to your wife recently, though I haven't had a reply, she is probably very busy. I have written before to members of your party with ideas I have. I don't tend to get a reply thoroughly or readily, although I do notice emulation when I for example view the media or read the press. I find this slightly disturbing. I know you are, obviously, also a busy person and have a lot to do, so I don't know whether or not you have had the time to view the internet in the past six months or so. I did start a serious web site within which I stated my policy ideas. It is at I have noticed your people speaking about such ideas soon after I surf them up to my site on the net. Consequently I cannot share any more of my ideas this way as it is not serving it's purpose to give credit where credit is due. I would like to share my ideas, but being an earthed type of person I do need a small amount of credit both the verbal and the financial kind to live on. We all know, and I know you know, no-one can live on fresh air alone, it is not possible. I have noticed recently that you are welcoming younger members into the upper house in order to give them representation, that may be a suitable forum for me to air and share my ideas, I would prefer to be elected into the younger house with people who are more in my peer group but this would do. I sincerely wish to enter the public life positively, I make every endeavour to do so. I am a little unconventional so joining a conventional establishment may help to keep me in check. In the chess of politics it is always good to know where all "men" stand or are positioned. Knowledge is power. We all know that. I look forward to a constructive relationship with you.

Yours sincerely,


Clare E A Kingston.

Shoddily formatted standard letter as a reply. They didn't even wait for the ink to dry before folding it.


Friday, July 3, 1998

The Director General

BBC Television

Television Centre

Wood Lane


W12 7RJ

Dear Sir John Birt,

A long time ago I sent you a new programme idea. Copies of correspondence enclosed. I did not understand the nature of disclaimers at the time so was naturally confused. I feel that the ideas I had were used, which I found upsetting to view. I did subsequent to sending my ideas to the BBC send them off to Channel 4 which the same, I believe happened. So you weren't the only ones. I had 15 other programme ideas in mind at the time. I am an ideas person. You may be aware of some of them via a website I have set up at As you can see from the Web T.V. idea I have outlined I am still very much thinking of the medium. I feel I am thinking of it along the same lines as yourself. I have thought of another programme idea as I thought of writing to you. It is based around the Indecision poem in 1. Ethos on the site. I was thinking of a debating programme "In perspectives" using the verses as individual issues using 4 different perspectives, 1.) Kids to 12, 2.) Teenagers and Students, 3.) Working Age, and 4.) Retired. In separate groups to make up their minds, Whether something really matters from their perspective. I have thought where and how to set this. I really would like to work with you as I feel we have a lot to offer each other, as a team.

Yours sincerely,


Clare E A Kingston.

Have you seen John Prescott on Clive Anderson All Talk? Interesting isn't it? He was talking about a children's parliament. I think we all know where he got that idea from, don't we, boys and girls?


Tuesday, September 15, 1998

The Rt. Hon. William Hague M.P.

Richmond Constituency Office

67 High Street


North Yorkshire


Dear Mr Hague,

I have had a political web-site called up and running since December last year. I decided to start my own party because I had written to or had contact with all the main parties and I found they either a) ignored me because I wasn't already someone, a character / one with money or b) stole my ideas. If you look on my web-site I actually tried to help the Tories win the last general election r.e. Fax sent to David Shaw M.P. which "mysteriously!?!" entered into the New Labour manifesto as N.E.S.T.A.

I have had nothing i) financially or ii) accreditation from my giving. In fact not only have the government stolen from me. Other big people like Noel Edmonds ( In Inventors World ) the BBC ( this was my incentive to make the licence fee history ) and many others who I have tried to trust with my ideas. The talent for ideas requires that you do all the work before any payments come. .'. I have been robbed of my salary '.' the government ( Labour ) have stolen my ideas .'. they get in in the next election '.' of it. And .'. they get paid from my work, which I receive nothing from.

There is talk of stopping crime perpetually. Nothing is invested in me yet thousands is invested in the criminal. I am a prisoner of poverty and the criminal is free.

When I started to realise that politics was for the selfish taker who takes credit for others hard work, I tried to change direction. I thought I will gain some further qualifications, become a teacher, and then I will be able to contribute at least something, and gain respect etc... from my contribution, maybe become a councillor on and on and on perhaps I thought this is the way it should be done. But since I have no funds and am more than broke, my mortgage payment has been sent back twice this month incurring 50 in charges, all I am getting is bank charges and debt for trying to do good. I am being crucified and there is no way out.

No-one is prepared to help me. I have written to everyone. I have written positively. I have tried to do so humbly. I said to the BBC for example that "I was confused at the time by the disclaimer" to give them one more chance of honesty. Maybe, just maybe, I have been told lies by the truth brigade. Perhaps those I am told are my friends and those I should respect, are in fact the opposite and those I am told are my enemies are in fact my greatest allies. Maybe I should question more. Perhaps this country isn't a truthful open and honest democracy, Maybe, Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations not tainted by mammon are more likely to come to my aid more readily than anyone in the West. I haven't tried the East yet. Perhaps I am knocking on doors that will not open to the honest, but only open to the crooks. Maybe I should try other doors. I have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE. You are the last Western Leader I shall be writing to as I have given up hope in the ways here. They do not promote real freedom. I and the good are not free here. You get more airtime here if you are a terrorist than if you are a peacemaker. You get laughed at if you invent a better world, praised if you pay for weapons to destroy it.

The reason I wrote to John Prescott at the time was that Diana was haunting me and so I could not rest in peace until I got my new transport idea out, up and running. I am now marked with a sign of a candleflame on my right knee, which Diana did. I am marked with the sign of the cross on my left knee which Jesus did when I was 5 vertical and 7 horizontal. I was confirmed by God at 9. I do not want you to be afraid by this, just to know I am only destined to do good. Perhaps, Maybe I am also destined to be crucified. The West is crucifying me now. How dare they treat someone who has come to set them free so badly and release all those murderers? This has happened before 2033 -6 years before. What has been learned in this time? I am now working temporarily for Great Western trains where my knowledge of what needs to be done in transport is being confirmed.

As I said I will have to try elsewhere for help if help is not forthcoming in my land. Nothing new in that. A prophet is never welcome in his / her own town / country. It turned out the good Samaritan was from a race then despised; Perhaps / Maybe I would find a Sumerian would allow my light to shine and not be shoved under a table or cast aside neglected as in this land.

*** I AM SERIOUS !!!

Yours sincerely,



Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

No reply as yet.



Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Richard Branson

Virgin U.K.

Dear Richard,

I have the solution to the transportation crisis. I did write to John Prescott about it, but I'm sure you understand the British Establishment, I know you have experienced that frustration.

I have loads of other good well thought through Ideas also. See my site at . I would like my dreams to come true. I would like to deal with one one can trust.

Like you I've been ripped off lots of times, but I've no firm base to fall back on yet. Some of these rip-offs are on-site , some are not yet there. You may recognise faintly disguised photocopies of The In Agency Idea out in public. They aren't as good as I would make it. I could go on, but I won't go on now, because I would rather promote my new transport idea.

The components are simple and cheap and the speed variables controllably variable. I do not have funds yet to patent, some parts may already be patented. I went to a transport and the environment conference on 28 March 1996 , the ideas discussed there are being taken up by the government, but I actually thought, " Is this really good enough. I could do better. I could make a Futuristic rather than this slightly Retrospective perspective transport network ." It'll create many jobs and give many true Independence Freedom and Liberty , Quicker than a Ray of Light , and doing all my other ideas with me we can make Life easy, free and happy. I want to Light Up the World.

I hope to see you soon.


Yours sincerely,




P.S I'm currently working for Great Western in their Customer Care department on a temporary basis, so I have it confirmed what needs doing, from this particular mode of transport point of view.

Perhaps we could, I feel we should work with Bill Gates on this one.

I am preparing " Indecision" on the web-site which the BBC have sort of ripped off in their Question Time run in to the programme. It is nearly finished. So if you would like / want to start a publishing / printing house ...


With this Letter I would rather receive an acknowledgement of receipt and wait to receive a proper letter, rather than get sent a standard reply soon.

Content of reply:

Virgin Management Ltd, 120 Campden Hill Road, London, W8 7AR

25th November 1998

Dear Clare

Many thanks for your letter.

Please outline your idea in more detail to our Corporate Development Team, who look into new projects, at the above address.

They will consider your idea carefully and let you know if it could be of interest to Virgin.

Best of luck.

Kind regards


Richard Branson


Virgin Group of Companies


(Dictated by Richard Branson and signed in his absence)



Saturday, October 24, 1998

The Rt. Hon. Julia Drown M.P.

House of Commons




Dear Mrs Drown,

I am writing to you on a very serious matter to me. I have tried everything within my power to solve it, constructively, but to no avail. I think people think that as I come up with happy, positive proposals, I am a complete walkover. I am not. Eventually if I do not get resolution of this matter in the same positive manner I have given I will have to toughen up my stance and proceed to ask an enemy of this country to fight this war for justice with me. At this stage, I am highly unlikely to care or even concern myself with what is the law, as a, I will have nothing left to lose, and b, I will find myself so negative through hurt to really not care. This is aggressive I know, but I really have no choice. I have tried to make opportunities for people who have wronged me to make their peace with me and to quietly correct to justice and give credit where credit is due. I feel it is only right so to do. Some of the evidence is on my website as above, not all is there, I may put the rest up, I may save it as my trump card, as far as public viewing is concerned, though if you are prepared to help me in my quest to lead a good life I am willing to show you it, as it will help you fight for me.

I am aware of the reality of my position in life. I am not after power solely for myself. I only want an opportunity to solve things. For example transport - I have a really integrated transport system, the tip of it is on site and the evidence of replies, really if a solution has been put to the Transport Secretary, it is in reality all his fault. I now know that I am more right in my assessment of the needs in the system, as I am currently working Temporarily for Great Western, our correspondence turnaround is a hell of a lot faster than the Department of Transport, perhaps they are short or incompetently staffed. I did ask someone where I work, how long it usually takes for a reply, and they said 8 months, which is quite frankly, shoddy, so was the quality of the Standard letter I received from Number 10 which I can also show you. Considering how much constructive effort I have put in, moaning produces faster results, perhaps this is why people come to moan.

I believe we are living in a financial dictatorship and that as I am financially poor I do not have a leg to stand on. If I was financially rich I could buy myself position and influence. So although I have talents for policies there is no way I will acquire power or authority to carry those talents to fruition. If I had loadsamoney every opportunity would come my way. This is not a meritocracy or a democracy, this is a financial dictatorship. We are living in Orwellian times. The Yahoos rule the roost.

I did want to do things quietly, initially, I did not want a Lewinsky II but things are looking the way that it will be like that. I did not want to declare war on my own country, but if I am estranged from my own country, due to poverty, then I am not a full member of it, and I need to proclaim my Liberty from the Tyranny and Slavery the Mammon Masters put upon me the Slave. I am a mere robot, a cog in the wheel, I am nothing to them, they do not regard me as a full human being, with full rights, because I have not the metal to back myself up, I have not money.

For my freedom I must fight, and for the Freedom of others Small like me. If we share we have everything.


Yours sincerely,


Clare E A Kingston

Content of reply:

27th October 1998

Dear Clare Kingston,

Thank you for your letter of October 24th.

I appreciated your making me aware of your views. In general terms I think it is important to take the positive view and to recognise the difference that a single individual can make.

In its simplest form I rely on my individual consituents to make me aware of their concerns so that I can reflect their views in Parliament. That is the way that the law is developed and the way that the law is changed. At the same time I believe it strongly represents what democracy is all about - giving each individual a voice.

Yours sincerely

Julia Drown


Thursday, November 12, 1998

Ian Hislop

6 Carlisle Street



Dear Mr Hislop,

I know you are aware of my site, and its contents. When I first put it up and advertised it in Private Eye Cybercafe asked me if I wanted to come on their show. They wanted a controversial angle asking was I going to start a revolution off. At the time I associated revolution with blood and upheaval, I wanted a more reasonable route, and was not so sure. I have learnt in that time how to handle the revolution in liberty I am starting, and a greater real understanding of the positive aspects.

I also feel ready to go public as I know a lot of people are "on side" with me, the media, companies and advertising agencies, as you will be aware, I am sure. I want to ride this positive wave.

In order to do this I have prepared Indecision for proper paper publication (enclosed). I would like to market this as a (sort of pre-) political manifesto, using the type of paper in the Labour manifesto, with the paper weight of the Conservatives, A4 size for example. I'd like it to retail at 3.33 as this is an interesting price, there are 3 stars in Orion's belt, three is my lucky number and third time lucky, The Third Way etc. etc. etc. This would make money for my cause so I can give up real work and do politics full time vocationally. I am broke at the moment, but George Washington also suffered seemingly insurmountable difficulties once. That Liberty series was quite an inspiration to me. I could then reduce considerably requests for finance on my site, something I would dearly love to do.

I know I am known in certain circles now, but in order to publish this I need a suitable agent. Agents and publishers prefer recommendations from known factors, which I understand. I would be very grateful if you could contact one, or publish it if you would prefer. This will not affect your statutory democratic rights to take the Mickey out of me at any time in the future!

An advance or royalties will give me the time necessary to prepare myself, make my house presentable and enable me to start making public appearances, on television etc. I do not feel quite perfect enough yet and would like to work on it, not that politicians generally are, whatever they may think of themselves.

Being that I would like Indecision printed in the accessibly priced magazine format ( people do not think as much of the price of a magazine as they do a book ) and black and white, we may I hope be able to get this out in a month (before Christmas) so that I can start in a positive way to take credit for my ideas out already, and surf up the wave to peak on this. I think the time is right now.

I hope I have enclosed all the relevant details to publish, if I haven't ring me and I'll make sure you get them. The photographs of me at 14 and 17 (to be printed in full colour) I would rather deliver personally as they are one - off pictures. I have decided to do this through you as I see you are an open and honest person which is important.


Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

I felt Ian was working on this one , it does take time to get something published. I rang up Private Eye on 15/01/99 and they asked me to e-mail them with the contents of the above letter. Additional contents at the beginning of this e-mail are as follows :

I rang about this as I thought it was weird you hadn't replied , and the person I spoke to thought it was strange also. They said you had hundreds of letters daily. The original is in a package with a blue file inside.

The contents of the reply I received on 20/01/99 :

Sender: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.6/8.8.6/2.17) with ESMTP id FAA23202 for <>; Wed, 20 Jan 1999 05:07:17 -0500 (EST) Received: from ( []) by (8.9.1a/8.9.1) with SMTP id KAA10908; Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:06:57 GMT X-Envelope-From: Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:08 +0000 (GMT Standard Time) From: (Private Eye) Subject: Re: Indecision To: CC: In-Reply-To: <><> Reply-To: Message-Id:

Dear Clare Kingston

Thank you for your e-mail. I am afraid we do almost all of our writing in house and so cannot help you publish your material.

Good luck with your project.

Private Eye

I have not recieved my material back in the post which I think is a bit unfair and unreasonable. I did send it originally via special delivery at additional cost, to ensure its safety, see Scanned Image of this, if you wish here.

Dear Private Eye,

Could you please afford me the courtesy of returning my original manuscript as I require it and the file to submit my work to other people as you say you cannot help with publishing my material. If Ian Hislop has the material personally, and the e-mail I received was a standard reply, please e-mail me again to this effect, and I will wait for a more personal response. The contents of my site have been featured verbally on Have I Got News For You. The formats of many programmes have been inspired by my site, Question Time , Newsnight and Channel 4 News , not to mention the review of the year 1998 "Decisive Moments" . Many advertisements also are inspired by it , the latest British Airways advertisement as one example. As a result I thought the reply, especially as it bore no resemblance to the content of the letter I sent, was uncharacteristic of one I would personnally expect from Ian Hislop. he still may not have seen the letter or its contents. I did notice a marked similarity between the contents, in design terms, to the recent advertisements by the BBC and in programme design of its programmes since the date of the letter. I feel if it is not with Ian Hislop, it has gone missing without either my or Mr Hislops authority, which will need looking into.

If returning the material incurs any cost you may deduct the appropriate amount from my account. I advertised The Orion Party with yourselves so you should have these details with you. If you require I can forward them again to yourself. This is not a problem.

I have put the details of the letter I sent and the reply I received on to my web-site I have never taken anyone to court , so there is no reason to be afraid of me, I found your reply upsetting. There was no need to be so impersonal as I have personally put my trust in Ian Hislop.

I sincerely hope we can interact more appropriately from now on.

Clare E A Kingston

If you are reading this and are interested in Indecision (publishers , printers , promoters etc) please get in touch.


Sunday, December 6, 1998

The Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram M.P.

House of Commons

Westminster London


Dear Mr Ancram,

I need your help. I have started positively a party on the internet in order that I could make things better for everyone. The internet is based on the principles of shareware, where it is free, initially, if you use the information or inspiration commercially you are bound by trust to pay the individual where that profit was initially sourced. You are also trusted to pay (a smaller amount, the amount you are trusted to pay is a variable) if you use it frequently personally or it is a value to you. This is discretionary. Shareware works because people abide by these trust rules. The internet needs to work so that information is freely available to the poor. The information I have uploaded has not worked for me because big people who can afford to pay me something have treated my information as a free for all, and have consequently left me poor and struggling whilst they profit from my work. This is theft. I am a victim of crime. I have tried to give them opportunities to make amends but this has continued. I did send off ideas before, trusting people I was meant to be able to trust, and these have also been stolen. I have a small poster which says "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you." which I thought would work.

Please read the enclosed page which has gone up on to my web-site which may in the future be accompanied by a page with an embarrassing case against the British Establishment to be seen by the world if I do not get help soon. I have asked for help, which I need from people I should respect but no help has been forthcoming. I have been poor for too long now. I cannot even really afford party membership, so I cannot join in. I need a break. I haven't had a holiday or a rest for over a year now. I am battle weary. What started off as a positive peaceful contribution, is slowly twisting in my mind to anger as I wear out. I need time to think straight in. I need money to live stress free and to eat properly, this is something I have not done much in this time, either. I need help in order to fight for justice and the truth. I have so much to offer. The goose that lays golden eggs is starving and can lay no more.

I can give you accurate figures for my indebtedness (which others really owe me). I feel I am exploited, talent raped. I can also allow you copies of all correspondence. I will not hold anything back, even the less positive bits, I am an open and honest person, I have nothing to hide. I have been in financial difficulty for a long time now. I was unable to work for a while due to the mild shell shock of being a victim of such serious crime. William Straw goes to Oxford after dealing in drugs. I lose everything after giving so much, and being as good as you can get. I won't get through December financially, so consequently I have negatively thought of getting outside help, after all if no-one in this country is prepared to help me what can I do? I have not been able to afford party membership, and I certainly couldn't afford to go to any of the party conferences. I missed out a lot, and I am still missing out. I am too tired after the work I have to do to even tidy my house, which demoralises even further. On the membership front, you would have thought that as I am coming with ideas which attracts new members, I would be offered free membership. Currently, it is the rich who are offered the freebies. I now have an even greater understanding of why the poor little people like myself don't vote, what's the point if it doesn't make any difference. I want to feel positive again, I deserve it, I have given a lot of positivity out. I am trying, it is hard when you haven't had a holiday or break for over a year, whilst seeing those who have stolen from you basking in it.

I do have a really good evolutionary and revolutionary idea for parliamentary reform, which I wish to share. I can only do this if I am helped in attaining credit for ideas already out. I am no threat to anyone. If the fax I sent before the last general election had been received by the Conservative member, ( rather than removed so he could not see it ) and I had been contacted at that time, I could have helped the Conservatives keep a hold on power with my ideas. If you can modestly sponsor me, my last salary was not much and I happily survived on it, I can use the time to contact potential sponsors of all of us. I can work out the next Conservative manifesto, easily. I am so clean and fresh. The Persil advert "Because it matters, Persil it." is obviously from Indecision. I could with my ideas, stand for Mayor of London. I have lived there and could move house to live there again. I could prototype my policies in reality and show up the government by showing who is the real source of the governments ideas, positively. I have written to Richard Branson, who is interested in hearing more, I need time to prepare and work at these ideas. I can do nothing alone, I will credit you with assisting me, eternally, as assisting someone in their hour of need is a truly honourable thing. I have noticed as you will see that business is behind my way from the Christmas displays etc. I want to turn my ship around to happy shores, and I now give you control over that ship to decide which way I shall go. I am trying to get Indecision published with the assistance of Ian Hislop. The Have I Got News For You Team are "on - side" with me, as are The Dimblebys. I truly value this as I would truly value your help.

In my reforms of the Parliamentary Process. I would have an elected First Lord and First Lady. As I have suggested on the Archaeological Site "sort of Cyberspace Prime Minister of Ideas". I would like to stand for First Lady with William Hague as First Lord, and Prime Minister of Events. William Hague would be Number One, you deserve some sort of reward for ploughing through Hansard all these years, I would be very happy as number two. This would give me time to think and be less sinister sounding title, and more real, than Minister Without Portfolio. This is a small, very small part of the Kingston model. I think what Roy Jenkins came up with was pathetic and showed obvious undemocratic self-interest. It wreaked of it. My system is wholesome and far reaching. I would appreciate a financially assisted opportunity to air it so I can advance forward, positively, and make sure that we win the next general election.

I need you to reply within 2 weeks positively as I will not financially survive December, and there has to come a time when waiting has been done for long enough. I cannot prepare anything positive or properly protected for anyone, including Richard Branson, without time and funds to think positively, and I am sure he would prefer a reply before Christmas. I need advice on what to write also, which I need soon, to look professional.

My trust has been betrayed as is evident. I can show you all other correspondence openly. This shows I have tried to resolve this myself. I do need you. I look forward in hope to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

Content of reply:

15 December 1998

Dear Ms Kingston,

Thank you for your letter. We have a strict tradition that we cannot take up matters on behalf of those who are not our consituents. The normal procedure would be for me to hand over your correspondence to your own MP but I will only do so if you would like me to.

With good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ancram.



Sunday, December 6, 1998

David Dimbleby

Question Time

Television Centre

Wood Lane


W12 7RJ

Dear Mr Dimbleby,

I have enclosed a letter from the licencing people, because I cannot afford to pay for my TV licence. It is completely and utterly cruel, to the point of sickness. It is absolutely similar to stuff on my web-site. The organisation has not paid me a penny for my inspiration, or for programme format ideas I sent to them in trust, as I believed at the time that the BBC was trustworthy. If they had paid me, I would be in a position to pay this. I have had bank charges in excess of the licence fee due to my poverty. I cannot afford to pay my latest electricity bill, and I know gas is on the way. This is financial terrorism.

Considering I have contributed, I would expect better. I should be happy and comfortable now. The more this continues, the more I feel emulation as an insult. I used to live in hope that this was a clarion call for better times ahead, and it was good. Better times have not materialised, and I am about to go under. I could not have tried any harder or have given any more. I have enclosed a letter which I know your brother Jonathan is aware of, John Prescott mentioned a children's parliament soon after this. This is not fair play.

Going public I think will help, I am not sure, I need help and advice quite desperately. I also need time, I have not had a holiday for well over a year (whilst others on my ideas have been basking in the sun), so I do not do anything desperate, which may cause world war, as having nothing left to lose is a very dangerous thing.

I want to be positive. I have decided that is the way I want to live my life. I hope I may be allowed that luxury. There are other things Labour are covering up. I am now awakening to the realisation that most of the positive aspects of the manifesto were down to my inspiration. I can talk with you about this. Many of their ideas are not quite working, because they are stolen, and the one who knows the small print, the words between the lines and the whole ethos of it all has not been taken aboard with them. It is like trying to set sail without a compass. You may have a stolen map, but without knowing where North is, and in order to write off copyright have changed important details of it, you will get lost. I am now left stranded, and my spirits are low. I am getting sadder by the day. It is like being on an iceberg, gliding into oblivion and obscurity. I want to be warm, not frozen. I want to metamorphose this ice and pain into a warm happy boat, and to reach a good shore.

I want to forgive and forget all wrongs done to me, and go on living. All the BBC has to do is pay me properly for my work and I can remove negative aspects on site, at an instant, and be nothing but positive towards them. It is that simple. I could even recommend their site etc. ... Why won't they or can't they deal honestly with me? It does not make sense. I always dreamt and thought of the BBC as an honest team, that is why the world trusts its coverage. It was in that trust I sent my ideas off to them. It is sad, mighty sad that we are in this current situation. I Please Pray for rescue from my distress. Given life I can give so much more.

Thank you for listening.


Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston


I telephoned Mr Dimbleby on 15th January 1999 as I was getting concerned, and also financially desperate, and consequently could not wait any more. The lady who I spoke to said he had been very busy over the Christmas period, and had not been in the office, and was due in the office for a meeting on Tuesday. She said she had the letter. I felt reassured that there was hope that something was going to be done.

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Sunday, December 6, 1998


8941 Sunset Boulevard, #485

West Hollywood




Dear Madonna,

You only see what your eyes want to see,

How can life be what you want it to be,

You're frozen, when your heart's not open.


You're so consumed with how much you get,

You waste your time with hate and regret,

You're broken, when your heart's not open.

Thank you very much for the ray of light you put into my life. Some days it is all that keeps me alive. You see, although on the surface everything is bright and shining, underneath I have some small difficulties to solve. I have summed them up on a new web-page I have prepared which I had hoped never to have the need to do this. I had hoped that this whole new way would be assisted by others a little because I thought this is the freedom people wanted. I do need help. I do want to take requests for funds off-site but so far cannot afford to do so. I wish I could. I wish I could have the time to contact the media and other influential people to take my message and ideas further. Not having the worry of needing to fall back on a "proper" job will release me, and my confidence to be able to take risks. I am not asking for much as I haven't had much before, and I have survived. I also need you to understand the real reason why I haven't fully emerged as yet. I would have liked to. I still would love to and to open my heart for the world to make it better.

Yours sincerely,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston



Sunday, December 6, 1998

Stephen Budd Management

109B Regents Park Road



Dear Tanita,

I am sorry I missed you on the Changing the World seminar. I didn't see the advert. I was shocked and stressed when I did as it was too late to do anything about it. I really need some advice on how to handle this thing. Although I do influence decision makers and the media, as you can see from the latest page addition to my web-site there is one area that I do need help with. With the media I need to prepare myself for interviews, and take time to make other contacts here (write to newspapers etc. , go to seminars like these, network. I have a lot to learn.

I also obviously missed seeing you. However much I try to say to myself, I could write to e.g. Jon Snow r.e. the media for advice ... ... ... I cannot think of any other way of making up for not seeing you. I do look at your unofficial web-pages, but due to lack of funds I had to stop connecting up to the internet quite so much. This is an imprisoning time, although mild in comparison to some you hear about, it is mainly mental, and mildly physical ( I get no rest ). I think the only way I would feel calm and resolved in mind about missing you is if I came to live with you or near you. I do need rescuing. I can save others but I cannot save myself. Please help.

Love from,


Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston


This table was originally on the front page, but since no help has been forthcoming, I feel my "friends" to be of the fairweather variety, and the only way they wish to help is themselves. I am deeply upset, saddened and disappointed to find this discovery, and that as a consequence we live in a very selfish world and will continue to do so. I have done all I can to change things for everyone for the better.

Some big people have been using ideas from this site without giving credit where credit is due. These include The British Government, John Prescott particularly, The BBC Management ( especially Sir John Birt The Director General of it ) Noel Edmonds, of the BBC, Channel 4 and others. I will edit this list as I see fit, there are others I will add both big and small in the future, unless real credit is forthcoming. If you wish for forgiveness and for me to forget please prove you are really sorry in real terms and I will edit my site to reflect this reconciliation, something I dearly wish to do.

Those "on-side" with me include The BBC Staff including The "Have I Got News For You" Team, Both the Dimbleby Brothers ( David and Jonathan ) amongt many others. I believe Madonna to be with me as I believe Ray of Light to be inspired by this site. Tanita Tikaram continues to write about me in her songs. I do want to be friends with all people, and that has always been my intention. I am not a threat to anyone, and I do not like to be perceived as such. If you want me to be your friend, be a friend to me and I am.

Sometimes some people prefer to communicate in the best way they know to me, be it through their music, via hints dropped in previews to programmes to stick with it for example, or by wearing certain ties to please me, I am both pleased and flattered, or by using design and fonts to say you back me, whatever is your decision... I understand that you must have a certain fear or intrepedation at the thought of meeting me, I am an unknown quantity, but we all were once, and to many will be unknown again, such is life. It is the small insect and mammal syndrome, we do not always know who is most afraid of whom. I would love to dare to have a one to one with you personally, that meeting of personality would give both of us people personal fulfillment, I believe, we need not be too afraid we are after all of the same species.