The CEAK International Education System

Enlightenment Ladder - Not here yet

Degrees by Degrees - to be Linked in first

Foundation Institution - Not here yet

Graduate College - Not here yet

The Academy - Not here yet

Standard School - Not here yet

Object Kindergarten - Not here yet

Toy Creche - Not here yet


This system has been many years in the making, it started when I was a small child myself, analysing the current system then, and continuing to do so throughout, obtaining many and varied experiences to understand a way which would be better, more motivating. It is relatively the Highest Common Factor to the relative lowest common denominator that is available to most people today. I want the best private money currently buys the richest to be what everyone gets, and then some more, I expect the best for everybody. I've worked out every bit of it, and it is possible so to do at no additional expense, just better organisation, which this system is.

Please be very patient as I tell you about the different parts of it, this will take time, but not as much as it has taken to create. Be recreactional in your attitude to it, do not critisize, I have done so sufficiently myself, over and over for years, so I am now confident that this is thus correct. As a feminine sort we are naturally good at this sort of stuff, so don't lecture me, I say this as I know I-Know-Rhinos will come up with all sorts of stuffy nonsense to sound important, to critisize either to maintain their self-interested status-quo, or just that they are so over-indulged that they constantly critisize for no use at all. You may note gaps initially as the Whole system wo'n't be up there, these will fill in, to make it eventually complete, I need time to describe it right.


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