The Orion Party Introduction to The Orion Party

Full Name of originator : Clare Elizabeth Angela Kingston

Entry Gate

Orion as a party , is all about seeking. Hunting for better things , better times in the future. We look forward to a better future , and that is what we strive to achieve to do .

Orion is an international party which like the real Orion can be seen by all across the globe. All over the World . You where ever you are , what ever you do , you can join in. Orion is the most democratic party so far . You can set up an Orion Party , in your own country , with additional things to do which are important to you and the people you want to help . You know what is best in your land . There are international elements in Orion . Each land decides for themselves which of these they feel is best to pursue .

Over time I will be releasing my ideas in full . These will be freely available on the internet or World Wide Web , whatever you prefer to call it . You can start to do these ideas as they come out , because it is more important to do , than it is to just talk or think , though it is good to talk and it is good to think , as these activities are what generates good ideas with the inspiration and love of God . But doing these good ideas makes good fruits . And ideas come to fruition are wonderful .

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