The Orion Party . Policies

Entry Gate

The In Agency

This would be set up to deal as an agency between Inventors , Innovators , Inspirators (Inspired Creators) in conjunction with The Department of Industry and International Trade . Everything present and future to do with business would be in this department . Anything historic ( scientific or artistic ) would move under the "Heritage" umbrella . Click HERE for more about this

The Royal Space Force

Something I've been thinking about since I was 16 . It is all coming together to something perfectly good enough now . It is not just about the Whole World's national representatives going into Space . It is about the space we live in too . Making the World a better place . For the entire human race .

There is also a Voluntary Hemisphere in this which young and old can get together to prepare for the Professional R.S.F. and I.D.D.F. and at the same time do their bit for their World . The old will not be precluded from the junior colours to be earned , so no-one has any reason to feel any anger to anyone , no-one has any reason to feel left out or any excuse for missing out without chance or opportunity for feel young again .


The International Discipline and Defence Force

This is an amalgamation of the three traditional armed forces , Navy , Army and the Air Force plus the Police . It is an International Military Police which will be armed . The Royal Space Force will not be allowed Armaments or Weapons of this sort at all . The ranks will be Internationally named . e.g. Pharaoh , Caesar and Sheikh . And all members will be able to experience sea , air , land and local elements across the Earth . The International element for e.g. Drugs will be the most potent surprise known to man . Customs Officers will help each other across the Globe .


The CEAK International Education System

This is a wholly flexible fun system with an absolute pass / fail progression within it . So people's progress is discerned fairly and simply . I have been working at this idea since I was at school . I was 15 years old when I started to question the way the system was and after many years thinking about it I have a better system . A fairer way .


The Ceakcar Computer Net Transport

This is a transport system that is based along the lines of Magnetic Levitation , in various formats to suit the environment the Ceakcar is travelling In . This is for both Safety and Speed . The cars are called Ceakcars because that is my initials and they seek their destination ( which says how you pronounce C.E.A.K. Orion was a hunter . Orion seeked . I CEAK too . And so do these cars . They can see beyond the horizon . Human eyes , however good cannot see that far . They detect the best path . You can call them up like taxis . They drive you to your destination at your preferred speeds etc. by a time chosen by you .


Web T.V.

This will make the licence fee history . You will be able to control what you view . When you view it . You and your friends will be able to afford to get involved in computers . Free Land based T.V. transmission. Ready to view.


National Nature Network

NatNet as it is to be known . This is a network of natural highways for wild animals and species of plants . It is to be at least 12 feet in width at all places with lakes of wildlife i.e. Acres of wild land in one spot . Horses will be able to trot through it and people walk on its paths .


Power to the People

This is virtually bill free electricity . It can be made quite simply , quite safely and quite economically . You can get it via windmills from the breeze , via tide flow mills from the seas , and solar panels source it from the sun . Everybody can generate it on their roofs for example . People could also be paid to exercise via electricity generating bicycles .


Rainbow Recycling

This is a nationally organised recycling system . It doesn't involve long inconvenient journeys to recycling banks which use up transport energy which is hard to recover . It is a simple straightforward solution to a problem that yes can be easily solved .


More great ideas to follow ... .. .. .

Watch this space .

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