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This would be set up to deal as an agency between Inventors , Innovators , Inspirators (Inspired Creators) in conjunction with The Department of Industry and International Trade . Everything present and future to do with business would be in this department . Anything historic ( scientific or artistic ) would move under the "Heritage" umbrella .

People would send ideas

1) new Inventions currently needing patents and their numbers .

2) Innovations of design currently needing registration .

3) Inspirations currently needing copyright protection .

This is currently a very complex procedure . You do not know the level at which to protect your work . So what you would now do is send it to , or take it to an office of the In Agency and it would be assigned an IN Number . INNO. This IN Number would then have any other protection assigned to it via the agency on your behalf . To protect the Person to whom the IN Number relates , from their own business naivety they would only be given the INNO. The Agency would hold the details of e.g. Patents , Registrations and Copyright numbers et cetera .

Each person would have their own Intellectual Property Numbers and Details File. An Intelifile. This would be used to process royalties from successful work from the Industry end to the Personal Start . The individual holder of the Intelifile will have the ability to name / codeword it how they wish and will be free within reason to alter the name provided there is excellent proof that it is them that is changing it . The In Agency also has this right provided they inform the individual beforehand .

Another good thing about assigning IN Numbers is that one individual may invent or design something and another considers an improvement to their work . Currently the improver can only benefit according to his / her design right or patent if they have one . Often it can be that the improvement is the thing that makes it make it . And currently there is no easy set-up between innovators and improvers so that they can all team up and beat the market . At the moment it is so slow and pedantic , and the opposition knows more about the game than you do , so this time lapse virtually ensures the oppositions success , and frightens many innovators to silence . Many innovations which could do us all good whilst teaming up and creating them create a lot of jobs / work for people , are not coming out . Then years later someone may start marketing an idea similar to yours , and they have a business mind , and do well out of it . They were doing well before and therefore could afford the protection ( lawyers , patent costs et c. ) .

The In Agency will be able to protect ideas as diverse as new food product ideas , television programmes , works of art , computer software , new concepts in numerous fields e.g. Engineering , Biotechnology , original applications of previously known science etc . All inclusivity of these will ensure that completely original thoughts are protected whilst also encouraging others to consider novel applications so as to spread their worth .

Step 1/ Have an idea or improvement on something current .

Step 2/ Go to or send to an In Agency Agent who will give you an INNO. for it .

He will then

a) Note down the details of it .

b) Apply for all relevant protection on your behalf .

bi) Whilst checking what is currently known .

c) Send the full details to the Industrial Realisation section at the central point .

Who will

d) Market the idea to appropriate companies / organisations .

e) Hold it on file so non marketed and marketed people can access it for viewing with a view to realisation . (These peoples names will be recorded for insurance to the Innovation, therefore legal reasons ).

f) Arrange royalty / licence rates to interested in manufacturing parties ( Rates are defined by number manufactured not number sold so as to avoid confusion / fraud / complication .

g) Collect the agreed rates monthly .

h) Send these funds to the Innovators salary point .

Who will

j) Have defined a percentage rate that the Individual Innovation merits , according to a number of factors which they will have notified the Innovator of .

The percentage will be between 10% - 33% , exceptionally higher , which would be very rare .

e.g. (1) £ 100 at 20% = £ 20 to the innovator

--- (2) £ 1000 at 10% = £ 100 to the innovator

As you see , very simple .

This percentage is taken from the total royalty / licence rate money received from the companies / organisations .

k) Put that finance into the Individual Innovators Account held on their behalf by the In Agency .

l) Direct Credit any funds payable at a certain date in the month pre-chosen by the Innovator to an account outside the In Agency pre-notified by the Innovator .

The agency will act legally for the innovator in applying for all kinds of protection e.g. International Patents . They will within reason ( not to the extent where war might be imminent if they chose to follow through a case ) , be able to demand royalties from infringing companies et c. and fines where royalties are not forthcoming .

They will at as a go-between for Innovators and Industry . They will be an ideas bank . They will enable manufacturers to concentrate on manufacturing , rather than concentrate or worry on what to come up with next . They will be free of all that , therefore not need specific , not always cost effective departments to do this . The innovator will be insulated from the business world , where he finds an uneasy home , though obviously he will need to consider an items manufacturability . And the agency itself will be able to secure its own funding because it has the authority to alter percentage rates if needs require it to , to enable it to be there . A certain amount of revenue can be raised for the exchequer , which would be fair enough as a reward for setting it up and providing some things otherwise only available for very large sums of money .

Current Patent Agents and Art Agencies could voluntarily join in to the In Agency so that the agency is a nationwide , easy to access thing for all . Any other people with something to offer the agency or and the innovator would also be recommended to apply to join in .

Other things to consider whilst setting up the agency or when the agency is set up .

1) Prototyping Centres . Not everyone has sheds and some innovations need alternative environments for true realisation , to see if they work than those currently on offer in the home et c. . The necessary protection for all things processed in these should be given .

2) Child Assistance . The agency obviously helps children in that they no longer need loads of money before they can get protection or knowledge of the not-so-innocent world . It might be nice if we could assign suitable people to directly help children , and a reasonable way to hold finance in trust , partially or fully , for when they are older to avoid exploitation .

3) A Museum of Living Creation . To show new stuff to the public , art , design and invention . People could wander in excitement and also be able to go away with the objects , items , artwork or publications et c. that excited them so much as souvenirs of the future present now .

4) Arrangement of e.g. Factory visits / meetings with companies et c. by the Innovators via the Agency .

An Academy of Innovation could also be set up at the same time as this . This would be the elite group , exclusive in the sheer excellence of contribution individuals or teams have made in top notch innovation . Membership of the Academy will be via invitation only . The In Agency will submit details of all prospective candidates likely to be included from past experience and knowledge currently about . People can ask the In Agency to submit their details to The Academy . The In Agency will look at their case and submit them or not , according to the merits of each individual case . If they choose not to the In Agency will need to state their reasons to the applicant Innovator . This will ensure that no-one is unknowingly excluded where there are no good reasons , no-one is overlooked for any reason and everyone is aware of the very high standards that the Academy requires . The Academy will either send out an Invitation for each Individual or Team Member to request that they join . It must be stressed that membership is a purely voluntary thing . If they have seen a submission but do not feel that the person is ready at this stage for membership , that person will receive a

Certificate Letter of Commendation for ............ ( good works listed ) ............ .

Full Adult Membership will be available for those aged 25 years and over . This will ensure that young inventors are not unduly pressured or exploited to do well to join , and no young person is given the burden of responsibility that being a Full Adult Member will imply .

There will be a Young Apprentice Membership which will be for all those up to and including the 25th birthday . This isn't a meritocracy , rather an inspiration base , for the youngsters to enjoy seeing their favourite innovators , learning from them , learning about being an inventor for example , a fan club with a purpose really . One of the most major responsibilities of The Academy would be to educate the next generation of inventors , to nurture them . That is one of the reasons why only the best adults can join . They will be charged with the duty of looking after their every need . For example taking them with their inspirations to the In Agency agent . Obviously if they have succeeded so well they are one of the least likely people to wish to steal their ideas from them . The Full Adult Members will also visit schools , industry et c. in an aid to understanding the workings of the In Agency , how to use it , what it's there for , how they can send in their ideas there , and what sort of things to send et c. . Clearly experienced and respected innovators are the best for this role . A youngster of 25 may well find that due to their contribution to the In Agency , to innovation as a whole , with the kind assistance of a Full Adult Member of The Academy , they get an additional birthday present of this membership themselves . Others will realise as an adult you have to earn it , which they will respect . At 25 you are very ready to take on these very serious challenges .

So the roles of The Academy alongside the In Agency are ,

: to educate

: to praise the very best

: to assist the In Agency with its work

: to suggest future changes in the structure of the In Agency as future times demand

: to act as an inspiration to us all by being a firm shining light to brighten up the future .



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