I would love to continue with the Orion Party ... I would like it if people stopped doing a Napster on me, it is amazing that those who deal with the law e.g. Copyright Law infringe it every day they steal off the Net, all websites have a cost to their prescence, you may be viewing them freely, but they are not freely provided for you, you must grow up and realise that all you will be left with are buying and selling sites, because that is all you are willing to pay for, and therefore this is what you deserve, the free.net days are ending, I am an early adopter, I know.

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Also as you can see on the site @ Seekcars+One I knew more about 9/11 than anyone would want to. I asked, requested then pleaded for counselling, just to talk to someone about it, but one year on it has not come, I will not be able to continue fully until it does.

Orion Party has been running for five years now. Although it has had serious international interest and influence it has had no funding from any source. This sadly makes it unsustainable. This is not a subtly worded personal message to anyone. As I noticed that graduates of any strength are able to secure paid employment in politics I have decided to go to University and to shut down this site. If you wish to rescue this site you will need to : Pay for its continued hosting, Provide a suitable uploading location, as I will have none at college, or find me a Post where I can work in the field.

Thanks to all who have tried to spread the messages in the site, in particular UK Directory, who listed this as the Number 1 Political website, above the government party's website. All the media, particularly televisual, for all the encouragement, there would be more good news if more good news was broadcast. And to all my great friends and guardians, I would love to and dream to live with you.

Thank you God for all the ideas. I wish man would recognise the need to recognise the need of those whom you recognise as what the world needs. I will endeavour to find a new path and to summon up the spirits to move on in courage. I have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Clare xxx...

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