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* Letter to John Prescott and all that was with it. All of The In Agency was with this and can be seen at the main site.

* Fax sent to David Shaw M.P. in March 1997. The In Agency idea was faxed to David Shaw M.P. at the House of Commons, I never received a reply, perhaps he never got it. He had previously given a meeting for Inventors at the Houses of Parliament. This version finishes at the words 4) ....via the Agency.

* The reply. I rang up to get this, they said they could not find it at the time I rang.

* The follow up letter, see above. The reply did not include references to any of the other enclosures at all.

* Letter sent to John Major which again I am not sure of whether or not he received.

I e-mailed Paddy Ashdown. I will be adding the Liberal Democrat e-mails to my site in the near future.

* Letter sent to a company called Anders Glasers Wills with relevant information in it.