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This includes a serious case to make the licence fee history. To encourage people into the new technology , via a national computer renting scheme which is very detailed so people get exactly what they want e.g. Education Software , NetPhone , Games Equipment etc. The hardware and software for the individual user will be specifically configured to their exact wants and needs. The standard average payment for this will be about £10 a month. Land T.V. would be free. BBC 1 would be where BBC 1 & BBC 2 programmes would go, sponsored by company sponsored slots or the lottery and therefore would contain no advertisements. BBC 2 will be used to show internet pages for free and also to educate people into the new technology.

WEB T.V. would be paid via 2 methods. Access i.e. you dial up the programme number and you pay a certain amount. Also information could be paid for via integrated royalty software. So the longer you view , The more you pay. Each individual programme could have its own royalty rate, films etc. would cost more , ancient repeats hardly anything at all. You would know before viewing the programme / information how much it will cost you.

Music , Poetry , Visual Art , Museum Tours , Tutorial Assistance , Radio Broadcasts and Concerts , Plays etc. are just a small number of examples of beneficiaries to WEB T.V. It is a much fairer and better way to support a wider spectrum of media. And moreover the media can control itself , without interference of producers who think they know best, although with current evidence one is not so sure. And the viewer can watch a programme when it suits them and not miss any due to daft competition by current broadcasters where they put programmes of a similar nature at the same time as each other. So it is better value for money overall. You get a life. You can control what you see on T.V. rather than the T.V. controlling your life.

Examples of Web T.V. using current technology :

Links to information i.e. electronic news etc. :


I feel with a national renting scheme technology will move forward fast. e.g. The view screen area will more swiftly cover a wall, making it more possible to read broadsheet newspapers this way, at a font size large enough to be comfortable. And using headphone technology all members of a family can watch many programmes all on one screen together happily.

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