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I sent a T.V. programme idea called Hang on a Tik to both the BBC and Channel 4. I designed the programme around Tanita as I dearly wished to see her again. Many of her songs have been about me. It was a labour of love really. The responses I got back were disturbing and made me very upset at the time. And what consequently made me even more upset later was to see similar sorts of programmes, inspired I feel by my ideas on both BBC and Channel 4. This made me cry repeatedly. Watching T.V. became an ordeal. It is strange that you can get locked up in jail for not paying the nearly £100 licence fee, but yet richer people get away with taking ideas from the poor. This is crucifying. This happening was my main incentive behind Web T.V. so I could make the organisations that took from me history, and I wouldn't be confronted by the licence bill. After all I gave, they gave me nothing and were still willing to take from me on an annual basis. This is shocking. This gave additional impetus for me to develop and perfect another idea I had been working on for years The In Agency because it is clear we all need protection.

I would like you to look at the evidence. Think about what you have seen on T.V. They have now got Far Eastern presenters on T.V. some in very stereotypical roles. I was after more of a mainstream inclusion as this is better and not racist. Also I noticed too many blond/blue presenters, and seeing this as a dangerous influence on the way people think and view themselves, thought, I have to redress this balance. You can't complain about something you've not acted on yourself, if you have it within your capabilities so to do. Web T.V. allows people to make personal choices on this, to switch on and off to prove a point. Currently the only voice we have that can be heard, is to go on "Retail Strike" when you don't like or disapprove of an advertising campaign or something etc.

Not only did I lose credit for my ideas I have also lost a friend. I don't know the exact value of love but I do know it is immense. That to me, hurt most of all.

I would love to see my friend Tanita Tikaram again. I would like to be able to contribute more to Televisual Media as at the time of sending off Hang On A Tik I had 15 other new programme ideas which have never been done. Which is a waste of talent, A waste of life and a waste of licence fee payers money as my ideas were to up the quality on the T.V. we see. Perhaps this is the reason why T.V. isn't as good as it used to be, and many people say, is getting worse. Perhaps I am not the only one who has been ripped off.

Speak out about this. If you want to say something direct to me do so.